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10 Madrid stews that taste like glory and with which to get hot

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The season of the most traditional dish begins, full of traditional, contemporary and even haute cuisine recipes.10 Madrid stews that taste like heaven and to get hot with10 Madrid stews that taste like glory and with which to get hot

It's cooking season, a traditional and comforting dish that warms the body and even the spirit. The famous trio (with the permission of Carmen Mola's) Quintero, León and Quiroga already says it in their copla: "Cocidito from Madrid chiming in the attic, which smells of mint and verbena in Las Vistillas... Because you are pure glory, cocidito madrileño"... And of uncertain origin it would be necessary to add. If it starts from the Sephardic adafina (with chickpeas and lamb), or from the rotten pot (with beans instead of chickpeas), the truth is that the current preparation has little to do with the first stews that we know of.

In Madrid, where it is a gastronomic emblem, it is difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve it, be it one day, several or all. In any case, the elaboration of the -family recipe; clinging to the banner of tradition, haute cuisine or reinterpreted for the 20th century as a way for this "battered dish to evolve without losing essence and substance", according to Santiago Pedraza, from Taberna Pedraza- it has the same starting point. That is, good national products (Madrid chickpeas from Daganzo or Fuentesaúco; Iberian and Galician meats, vegetables and fresh vegetables...), all cooked over low heat and over time, a long time. And, if you have it, why not stop by these ten restaurants, where the stew is and tastes like pure glory. He has all winter.

Commercial Coffee

"The best ingredients and time, long simmer." These are the keys to the stew offered by this centenary space through which several generations of Madrid residents and foreigners have passed and whose authentic and traditional proposal has been updated by chef Pepe Roch. It takes up to 12 hours to prepare this stew, with bone-in Iberian ham and premium meat, fresh vegetables, chickpeas from Fuentesaúco, cold cuts from León and piparras from Navarra. Available Thursdays by reservation. Price: 19 euros. Address: Glorieta de Bilbao, 7. Phone: 91 088 25 25.

La Cocina de Frente

The dining room was born in 2019 with the idea of ​​reinterpreting the multiple national stews. And in their own way, they make a version of the Madrid recipe here. Prepared with care and "a little daring" -says the menu-, the dish has a single protagonist: the product. With the advice of Juanjo López Bedmar (La Tasquita de Enfrente) and Carlos García at the controls of the stove, the proposal begins with a croquette of old clothes and continues with four twists: pickles and soup; vegetables and chickpeas; meats transformed into a ropa vieja and with a fried egg on top and, finally, marrow with a celery tartare. It is dispatched every noon, under reservation 48 hours in advance. Price: 32 euros. Address: Ibiza, 40. Phone: 91 060 72 20.

Cruz Blanca de Vallecas

Antonio Cosmen, owner and cook of this Vallecano dining room, is from Asturias and, nevertheless, has such a good hand for the Madrid recipe -he came to Madrid at the age of 14 to work in the restaurant La Giralda- which has been the star of the house since its inception. Its stew begins with a homemade croquette in the style of the grandmother with natural tomato and sauce, continues with the soup and, finally, the chickpeas, pure butter and accompanied by their mandatory meats, chorizo, black pudding, chicken, cabbage and, of course, , natural tomato prepared with cumin. Available every day by reservation. Price: 25 euros. Address: Carlos Martín Álvarez, 58. Tel.: 91 477 34 38.