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5 ways in which your baby tells you 'I love you' and that you had not noticed

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Even if you are not able to pronounce words or make complex movements, your baby has the ability to demonstrate the love you feel in you in quite subtle ways.Discover how your newborn tells you "I love you", although you may not have noticed it before.

#1 visual contact

Babies are attracted to faces and can even establish a preference relationship by maintaining attention in parents' facial expressions.Therefore, if the baby stays staring at you, in a way it is demonstrating confidence, emotional response and love.

#2 voice recognition

In a short time of life, babies can identify, although primitively, family voices.When the little one moves his eyes or head to look for the origin of the voice he is hearing, it is a sign that he is looking for who loves.Therefore, specialists claim that it is important that fathers and mothers talk to the baby while still in mom's belly.

#3 smells and physical contact

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Since born, the baby seeks the protection and warmth of maternal contact, and is already able to recognize the particular smell of his mother, who is currently his main source of love and nutrients.The approach to the body also helps to recognize and demonstrate love, since since he was in the uterus the baby got used to the sound of his heartbeat.

#4 The "language" of babies

5 formas en las que tu bebé te dice 'TE AMO' y que tú no habías notado

The noise that babies babble are not decipherible, but they are full of meaning.When they emit sounds, they are looking for attention.Therefore, noise function as a primitive species of communication that they want to establish with those who love.

#5 Baby's smiles

In addition to that they are irresistible (they get us to do what they want), babies' smiles are also a sample of affection and affection.When you look at your child with a smile and he gives you back the gesture, it means, although there are no words, that he loves you.

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