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Having a baby at home, especially when it is a newborn, makes parents focus a lot on their care and especially on the fact that they do not go hungry and can sleep peacefully, but how to dress the baby in the morning? night so you don't get cold?. We are in the middle of autumn and we know that temperatures drop at night, so it will be something as simple as following the guidelines that we now propose. Bebés Bebés Cómo vestir al bebé por la noche para que no tenga frío Bebés Bebés Cómo vestir al bebé por la noche para que no tenga frío

How to dress the baby at night so that he is not cold

Newborns, as well as babies who are still very young, cannot regulate their body heat. That's why sometimes they can lose too much heat and feel cold, but they don't know how to express this feeling except by crying.

In the first weeks of life, babies still do not move, so we have to consider that we are going to be the ones to give them adequate heat, but in the specific case of the night, it may be that we check how the baby it has moved and has been left uncovered, so there is a risk of getting a little cold.

Bebés Bebés Cómo vestir al bebé por la noche para que no tenga frío

In autumn, temperature variations usually occur constantly, especially between day and night. That is why it is necessary to dress the baby properly. As a general advice, both during the day and at night, in the intermediate seasons it is advisable to dress the child in several layers, so that you can cover or uncover it as necessary.

To control her temperature, all you have to do is touch her feet and hands to see if they are cold, or check the back of her neck to see if it is wet, a sign that perhaps what she has is hot and she is sweating.

In addition, we must also take into account the temperature of the house: remember to always ventilate the rooms during the day, both in autumn and in other seasons, and let the child sleep at a more or less constant temperature.

In this way, it will be enough to put on cotton pajamas with long sleeves so that our baby sleeps comfortably during the cold season. In autumn, these types of one-piece pajamas usually go well, but when winter comes, we may want to choose one with a similar design, but with thicker fabrics such as polyester or plush.

As for the sheets, it is not advisable to cover the baby too much, since not only will it end up uncovering but also if we cover it too much or leave it with a tight sheet and blanket, there will be a risk of suffocation.

It is better to choose those long pajamas that we mentioned but also if we fear that it is really going to be cold, because the external temperature has dropped too much, it may be a good solution, buy a small sack for the crib to put the baby in and make sure that it goes to be warm and safe as it will cover you without wrapping you up and leave your arms free. There are also suitable for each season.

We summarize some general rules on how to dress the baby at night to give him the right warmth.


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