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Costume ideas for unused children

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Emplear cajas de cartón y reutilizar ropa vieja para confeccionar trajes infantiles sin plásticos para carnaval son las opciones más respetuosas con el medio ambienteIdeas de disfraces para niños sin usar plásticos Ideas de disfraces para niños sin usar plásticos

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Pirate, the spyrad, octopus, magician, painter ... The plastic is among the preferred materials for carnival homemade costumes designed in schools for younger children.Even if they are biodegradable and recyclable, garbage bags or specific to make them are not the most suitable for the planet.Before recycling, in the erres of ecologism they are, in this order, reduce and reuse.So, if you want to generate less plastic waste in the next carnivals by having to make your children's costume, take note of the following ideas.We will also give you some others to reuse unusable clothes that you have at home and give them a second life.

You can buy a cheap costume, that lasts with your little assault, or rent it.The first option (between the wrappers and the plastic and microplastic tissues that many of them contain) is not very ecological, as this study made in the United Kingdom recalls on the occasion of the last Halloween.Renting the costume is more respectful of the environment.But the alternatives that we propose below are much more.

Homemade costumes with boxes, and without plastics

Ideas de disfraces para niños sin usar plásticos

The optimal thing to get a disguise without plastics is to reuse materials that do not include them.To do this, you must be very creative and give new use to papers, cartons and fabrics to decorate.We propose as a basis to use the boxes of small and large appliances, of footwear, for books ... that flood paper and cardboard containers, due to the rise of internet purchases.


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Homemade costumes reusing clothes, and without plastics

You can also take costumes from previous years and turn them into an eco-friendly by removing the plastic elements and replacing them with recyclable fabrics and papers.But you can also do the following:

Carnival without glitter

There is no carnival party without glitter, or yes?The particles of the so -called brilliant contain very toxic materials such as copper, zinc and stearin that, when inhaled, can cause severe hypoxemia and suffocation.They also contain plastic: they are microplastics, which is a threat to the environment.What to do then?If you use them, try that I always go to the trash, never for the drainage.And if you do not want to expose yourself, look at the label and opt for respectful brands with the environment.You can also do it homemade.How?The simplest thing is to use food and food dye and mix them in a jar.


Carnival plastic costume

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