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He is seven years old, was born with cerebral palsy and in 2021 he earned US$ 28 million

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Recently, Forbes published the list of the ten best paid youtubers of 2021. Of all the names, one stands out for two reasons: it is the only one that belongs to a woman but it is also that of a seven-year-old girl years he was born with cerebral palsy. This is Anastasia Radzinskaya who during the last year earned income of 28 million dollars.Seven-Year-Old Born With Cerebral Palsy Earned $28 Million In 2021 Seven-Year-Old Born With Cerebral Palsy Earned $28 Million In 2021

Anastasia Radzinskaya was born in Krasnodar Krai, southern Russia, on January 27, 2014. With only a few hours left in this world, doctors told her peers that the baby had cerebral palsy and would probably never be able to talk or walk. . However, they also recommended that they work with her in front of a camera as that could help her development.

Shortly after, Anastasia Radzinskaya's parents moved to the United States with her and used the camera method to help her. By the age of two, the girl who could never talk or walk made a full recovery and proved to be just like any other boy her age.

But since she was already used to the camera and videos, her parents decided to continue with that technique. So that the couple's family and friends could see their daughter's progress, the parents began posting the videos on YouTube, on a channel they decided to call Like Nastya.

He is seven years old, born with cerebral palsy and in 2021 he earned US$ 28 million

Little by little, the channel grew and Anna Radzinskaya and Sergey Radzinskij decided to sell the construction company they had to use that video to develop audiovisual content around their daughter. The decision was correct since in 2021 that channel generates 28 million dollars a year.

Anastasia Radzinskaya's Youtube Channel

Currently, Anastasia Radzinskaya's Youtube channel, called Like Nastya, has around 90 million users. The content is aimed at children and basically follows the daily life of the seven-year-old girl. From game sessions with his father and fun moments with his pets to gatherings with friends for special days like Halloween.

The videos are a hit and are viewed by millions of people around the world. The most viewed of all has 900 million views but all the material that Anastasia Radzinskaya's parents upload to YouTube usually has that many visits.

According to Forbes estimates, almost half of its income is generated by the advertising that the platform sells in its videos. But in addition, the family made commercial arrangements with brands and companies such as Spotter, which bought the rights to the girl's oldest videos on YouTube. In addition, personalized products with his image are sold and there is already a personal clothing brand.

All this generated income of 28 million dollars in 2021. However, it is not the first year that the girl's channel has achieved these figures. Since 2019, he has entered the list of the ten most valuable youtubers in the world and has always increased his earnings. In fact, in 2020 it generated 18 million dollars, so last year it surpassed its previous record by 10 million dollars.

Figures for the 10 most valuable YouTubers

The ten highest-paid YouTubers in the world collectively earned around 300 million dollars in 2021, a record figure that represents 40% more than the previous year, according to the list published by Forbes.

The platform has close to 2 billion users today, up 40% in five years, which has boosted YouTube channel views as well as the ad revenue they generate from videos .

About half of these YouTubers' earnings come from ad revenue. All of these stars have product lines that increase their salaries. And they are dedicated in various ways to generating additional income through Twitch, Snap, Facebook, podcasts and NFTs. Some have signed lucrative deals with Spotter, a Los Angeles startup that buys the rights to old YouTube videos. This is the case of Nastya, the smallest on the list.


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