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How is it done? How is it done? How to make a blanket with old sweaters step by step

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In this change of wardrobe that we will not have to do at all, we can find great surprises, such as old sweaters that will serve us to make a blanket. Not only will we save money by making our own blanket for the sofa, we will also enjoy a creative process that can give us more than one joy. If you want to recycle clothes that you should otherwise throw away, especially children who grow at the speed of light, take note of this creative project, the result will excite you in every way. ¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer una manta con jerséis viejos paso a paso ¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer una manta con jerséis viejos paso a paso

Steps to make a blanket with old sweaters

  1. The first thing we are going to do in this project is sort the sweaters. If they are for children, we will have a raw material with pastel colors, as a general rule, the most beautiful.
  2. We group the sweaters by colors or prints looking to create a pattern that will serve us in our blanket.
  3. Let's cut the sweaters. We remove the sleeves and neck and leave a square in the front and back.
  4. We can create a pattern with a sheet of paper or several, with squares of the shape that we want these pieces of this blanket to be.
  5. In this way we can follow a symmetry, simply with the centimeters that we want or have thought that this blanket should have.
  6. We will make the squares so that they fit into this creative process that we are bringing to fruition.
  7. Once we have the squares ready we are going to sew them. It is a process that will take us a while, although it is worth it.
  8. We will use a wool needle, it is larger than a conventional one and it will help us to prepare a blanket that will look professional.
  9. We can save the sleeves to make the outside, in this way we will have a kind of cap already made.
  10. Once all the squares have fit together, it will be time to decorate it or move on to the next one.
  11. These types of blankets are very warm, being made with wool sweaters will help keep you warm on these cold winter nights.
  12. To personalize it we can put the letter of our initial with jeans that do not fit us or a different type of fabric.
  13. We simply make a template with cardboard or paper and cut out the letter. We can also create a word or a phrase with this method.
  14. We will glue the letter with fabric glue, it will be much easier than sewing it and it will look just as good.
  15. With these ideas you can design your own blanket made with sweaters or old clothes that you no longer use, the result will be worth it, you will save and recycle.
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¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo hacer una manta con jerséis viejos paso a paso

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