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How much does it cost to support a baby for the first year?

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Mexico.- In an interview with 'Martha Debayle in W', Roberto Morán makes you take out the calculator to calculate how much it costs to have a baby during the first year (@ElRobertDiNero @bbmundo_com) The expenses of the baby are distributed as follows: • Food 29%• Personal care and health 24.6%• Clothing 22.4%• Durable goods 7.6%• Education 6.9%• Parties 3.4%• Toys 3.1%Source: PROFECO Your expenses on trips and outings will increase almost 5 times when you are a mother

 According to CONDUSEF, the arrival of a baby costs up to 130 thousand pesos from pregnancy

 According to PROFECO, each Mexican family spends about 30% of their income on the maintenance of a baby from 0 to 2 years of age

• In Spain: 6 thousand euros • In the United States: 12 thousand dollars

 In other costs, during your first year of life you will sleep 1200 hours less

Here we present everything you need for your first 12 months with an average of current costs in Mexican pesos. Adapt the list to your lifestyle and follow our tips so you can save up to 36% in a year

Before he is born 1.- Car seat$5,700 // Min 2,500 Max 9,000 Tip Look for one that is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age. If not, get by with the one that fits a stroller and a year later get a bigger one. Never take it in your car without a car seat

2.- Cot$12,000 // Min 5,000 Max 20,000 Mattress 1,500 + sheets and duvet 2,500Tip Don't spend too much unless it can be converted into a bed or desk. The more expensive, the more difficult it will be to sell it later

3.- Stroller$8.00 // Min $2,000 Max $15,000 Tip: You are going to get it in and out of the car almost daily for months, so look for a light one and don't spend much: you may need to buy another for when the child is older

4.- Tub$900 // Min $100 Max $2,000Tip: Some have an integrated diaper changing pad (+600) but keep in mind that it will be another piece of furniture to get rid of in a couple of years5.- Rebozo or scarf$500 // Min $180 Max $1200Tip: If you don't like knots, buy one with rings or a kangaroo. It is proven that carrying him with a rebozo helps him sleep better and gives him more security by listening to your heart

6.- Three blankets $1,200 // Min $500 Max $2,400 Tip: Buy natural fibers, preferably hypoallergenic, and at least one of them should be longer to last longer

TOTAL: $28,300 More tips • A co-sleeping crib is best for you to sleep in your bed ($1,500 to $3,500). Do It Yourself: Buy a used wooden crib with mattress ($1,500) and remove one of the rails. Voila! • Don't skimp on the car seat. You'll hate the cheap ones because they don't hold your baby well, don't recline or have side support for your baby's head when sleeping • In chairs, high seats and strollers, prefer the ones that are easy to wash • Ask experienced moms which ones not to buy7.- Diapers and their derivativesRemember that they are what is given the most at the baby shower, so you better wait. $15,120 per year6 to 8 daily (210 per month) $6 per diaper x 210 = $1,249 per month Tip: Buy only one bag of the first stage and two of the second. The ones you will use the most are 3 and 4

Save 12 thousand on diapersEcological cloth diapers with biofilter$2,2806 from $380Minimum $1,500 Maximum $3,000They are made in stages, they serve you for the first year and do not contaminate

¿Cuánto cuesta mantener a un bebé durante el primer año?

You avoid: $12,8408.- Wet wipes$1,872 a year // 36 packages of $52 (3 per month)Tip: Alternate them with cotton, warm water and special baby soap (not neutral because it could dry out your skin). Fragranced towels can irritate your skin

9.- Anti-chafing ointment$540 // 6 of $90 Tip: Use a thin layer at each diaper change. Prefer one that not only prevents irritations from contact with moisture, but also heals them if they break out.

10.- Diaper bag $1,200 // Min $700 Max $3,000Tip: Do not spend too much, in the end it is a bag like any other

11.- Changing table$1,150 // Min $800 Max $1,500Tip: There are special ones so that it cannot be rolled but any small laminated mattress works on a high table. You don't need a whole piece of furniture

TOTAL: $19,882To breastfeedBreastfeeding is the best nutrition and does not require an expense because everything depends on the baby sucking and you eating well

 We recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months until the first baby food arrives

1.- Nursing pillow$400 // Minimum $200 Maximum $600Tip: Use it to better accommodate your baby without your arms getting tired

2.- Balm vs. cracks in the nipple$150 Tip: Prevent injuries to your breasts with a proper position when breastfeeding. Check them out at bbmundo.com

3.- Breast pump- Manual: $1,275 // Min $700 Max $2,500- Electric: $2,500 // Min $1,250 Max $4,0004.- Washable nursing pads$705.- Breast milk container kit$225 // Min $150 Max $300 TOTAL: $2,120If you decide to give formula1.- Powdered baby milk$14,560 per year52 cans of $280 (1 per week) // Min per can $180 Max per can $3802.- Bottle kitFirst and second stage$900 // Min $600 Max $1,800Tip: Look for biodegradable baby bottles that are eco-friendly and cheaper. For example, three cost you $400

3.- Bottle warmer$700 // Min $500 Max $1,1004.- Sterilizer$850 // Min $590 Max $1,8005.- Three brooms$300 // Min $90 Max $4506.- Dispenser $1207.- Special purified water for babies$2 ,7371 liter a day of $7.50 each // Min $5 Max $12TOTAL: $20,167Tip: If you exclusively breastfeed the first 6 months, you will only use formula from 6 to 12 months and you will save $7,280

Clothing6 hats$6003 jackets$1,3508 sweaters$2,40012 rompers$3,360 // $280 each15 diaper tops$2,400 // $160 each12 outfits or dresses$5,400 // $450 each9 pants$2,430 // $270 eachKnit shoes$750 // 5 pairs of $150Learner to walk shoes$500Socks$800 // 20 pairs of $40 each5 bibs$350TOTAL: $20,340 More tips• Organic cotton clothing is a great option. A pair of leggings does not exceed $265• Buy sizes that last two stages. For example, in 6-12 there is more room for it to fit up to 18 months• Look for sets of three or four pieces and combine them• Rompers are cute but difficult to take off and put on. Prefer loose clothing• Don't skimp on comfortable cotton socks because the cheap ones are too tight and cut off circulation• Winter clothes are more expensive. Buy it in advance at the cheap ones and save itImportant in the first few daysYou have already paid for the hospital but some additional expenses may catch you off guard

1.- Expanded metabolic screening$3,750To detect hereditary diseases such as hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis or immunodeficiencies, among others,2.-Neonatal hearing screening$1,500To identify any hearing deficit3.- Birth certificate$200Original and certified copyTOTAL: 5,450Surprisingly necessary things1. - An environmental thermometer $400 will make you make better decisions when dressing him and conditioning his room. Some also measure the temperature of the water

2.- Security doors$1,000For stairs or dangerous rooms. Don't wait until I walk

3.- Protectors for contacts$480 // 12 of $40 eachThe outlets have something —perhaps that face shape— that are irresistible for crawling babies and even older ones

4.- Rocking chair or bouncer $1,200 You will need it to have it close while you bathe, cook or answer emails

TOTAL: $3,080Health1.- Pediatrician$9,600 // 12 consultations of $800 (1 monthly)Min $500 Max $1,200 per consultation2.- Vaccines$13,500 // 15 applicationsTip: Vaccines at health centers are free and of very good quality, so save it!- $13,5003.- Medicines$920 Against fever, pain or respiratory infection4.- Sunscreen$375 Tip: Put it on from the age of 6 months for outdoor walks and trips to the beach

TOTAL: $24,395 Hygiene1.- Shampoo$250 // 5 of $502.- Baby soap$200 // 10 of $203.- Two bath sponges$1004.- Two body towels$3005.- Bathrobe$1806.- Grooming kit$130Knob and nail clippers7.- Body cream$3246 of $548.- Comb and brush$90TOTAL: $1,574Teething1.- Two teethers$1202.- Toothbrush$60TOTAL: $180 First solids6 to 12 months1.- Baby food$4,923 // 547 jars of $9 // 3 dailyTip: Prepare your porridge at home without overcooking fruits and vegetables so they don't lose their nutrients. You can save 40% of its cost. - $3,9372.- Cereals$1,120 // 32 cans of $353.- Plates and cutlery$2204.- Three training cups$300TOTAL: $6,563Stimulation1.- Baby gym$1,200Toys$1,000TipBuy one or two toys that you love to awaken their senses but there will always be someone who gives him so many that you will believe that they multiply on their own

Books$400Illustrators and with texturesTOTAL: $2,600 PartiesChristening$20,000First birthday$10,000TipYou can celebrate the baptism the same day as your birthday party

TOTAL: $30,000-$10,000Most regret buying it1.- Size zero diapers$4002.- Crib monitor$1,300You will soon learn that babies need someone to constantly see, touch and check on them, and they don't know distances. Don't worry about not hearing him: when he needs you he will scream and you can hear him four bedrooms away

3.- Changing table $7,000 A high table is more than enough to put a plastic mattress on it

4.- Breastfeeding pods$450 They help prevent leaks but if the baby sucks several times a day they are not necessary. Better use the washable protectors that cost less than $100

5.- Nipple protector$1406.- High chair or highchair$3,000Better buy a chair that adapts to the ones in your dining room, a more durable and comfortable option

7.- Moises$2,500 It will be nice for two weeks but after that you won't have anywhere to put it. A good idea is to accept a used one from one of your friends

8.- Swing $2,000 It is fun, but they leave it very quickly and you can avoid this expense

9.- Luxury bibs$300 eachOne or two bibs from the supermarket will suffice. Nothing that exceeds 50 pesos is worth it for the use that will be given to it

10.- Nursing cover$300 They get in the way from the first feeding, the baby gets hot and upset

11.- Traveling crib $ 3,000 Unless you travel once a month with a baby, it is likely that she will use it a couple of times. There is always a way to replace it.

SAVE: -20,390GRAND TOTAL: $185,991With our tips you can save 36.5%: $67,947One year of your babywith our savings tips:$118,044

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