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How much is spent on diapers in the first year of a baby's life?

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MEXICO CITY.- Are you thinking of having children? Are you terrified of having them? For many, the idea of ​​a minor's expenses during their first years is a nightmare.

Of course, diapers are not everything when we talk about covering the maintenance of a baby completely, clothes, food, doctors, toys, among others, are the total of what you should consider if we think about the whole picture .

But talking about total diaper spending in the first year can be interesting. Is it really such a big expense?

To find out how many diapers babies use on average during their first months, we interviewed the editor-in-chief of Me lo Dijo Lola, Luz Carmen Meraz.

These are the numbers we got for the first 12 months.

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How much does a diaper cost?

How much is spent on diapers in the first year of a baby's life?

We set out to visit supermarkets to obtain an average price for diapers at different stages that correspond to the baby's weight. Buying them in large packages is cheaper, so we choose these presentations to generate the price averages.

In addition, we found that the prices between brands skyrocket, there are some that cost an average of 420 pesos for 90 pieces in stages 3-5, which gives an average of 4.6 pesos per unit.

Other diapers in stages 1-3 are around 370 pesos for 84 pieces, which gives us a cost of 4.40 pesos per unit.

Finally, we find cheaper prices in the larger stages, between 4 and 7 the package of 90 units cost an average of 300 pesos, a price of 3.30 pesos per unit.

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How much is spent?

First two months thinking in 60 days, around 8 diapers a day: 480 diapers the first two months.

With a price of 4.60 pesos: 2 thousand 208 pesos.

Months 3 to 5, gives an average of 90 days, about 5 diapers are used: Total of 450 diapers.

With an average cost of 4.40 pesos: 1,980 pesos.

From the sixth to the twelfth month there are 210 days on average. A use of 4 daily diapers is estimated, that is, 840 diapers in this period.

With a cost of 3.30 pesos per unit: 2 thousand 772 pesos.

Approximate cost of diapers for the first year: 6,960 pesos.

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