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The baby's skin is very delicate, so you have to take care of the type of clothing you will wear and how the garments should be washed.

If you buy new clothes before wearing it you must wash it, the recommendation for these cases is to do it by hand.Have a deep bowl or bucket especially for baby clothes.

Among the most recurring doubts of the first -time mothers are are I washed in the washing machine or by hand?What soap is better? It is normal to have these questions, since we are talking about special care that must be taken in clothes.

Here are some recommendations to take into account.

The appropriate soaps to wash

Cómo lavar la ropa del bebé | El Periodiquito

The baby's skin is different from that of adults, it is very fine and delicate.For this reason you must take care and protect from allergies and irritations.

When using the soap to wash your clothes, look for those that are neutral, hypoallergenic or dermatologically recommended for babies.The most recommended are liquid soaps.

Tests to avoid allergies

Always check the type of soap you are using in clothes, you must be pending that you do not give the baby's skin reaction.This also applies if it changes brand.In case you see that any product is good you do not change it.

Care when washing clothes

1 If you want to keep the clothing lavala for a longer time.

2 Do not use hot water, rather warm to eliminate any type of bacteria.

3 The detergent you use must be for delicate garments

4 Prefer soaps without smell

5 Do not use bleach or chlorine

6 Nor is it recommended to use softeners

7 Dry the outdoor clothes where the sun gives it

8 If you are going to iron it, you must use a minimum temperature.

9 Do not use the toilet soap, these can stay in the clothes and over time they are favorable for the proliferation of bacteria.

10 At the time of saving clothes, do not linked the new one with the daily use.

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