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How to bleach and highlight the colors of your clothes with vinegar?How to wash white clothes with vinegar and other homemade products

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Vinegar has multiple benefits and one of them is to leave white clothes even cleaner.

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Vinegar has multiple benefits to clean the home and is one the most used products to have impolutes or have the bright table.It is important to highlight that it is not a disinfectant, but that all spots or dirt will remove very efficiently.

White clothes also receive white vinegar.These types of garments become yellowish over time through sweat, dust, sun and touch with other fabrics or with the same skin.But removing these spots is not a difficult task and Lanco vinegar is a great ally.

It is important to remember that chlorine is not suitable for white clothes because it can damage the pledge tissues.In addition, there are more delicate clothing than another, so it requires greater care and is advised to wash them by hand to prevent them from getting wearing with the sudden cycles of the washing machine.


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¿Cómo blanquear y resaltar los colores de tu ropa con vinagre? Cómo lavar la ropa blanca con vinagre y otros productos caseros

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