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Ikea presents its spring news

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ContentsIkea presents its spring news Ikea presents its spring news

As we welcome spring, we invite you to bring a breath of fresh air into your home and create a feeling of lightness and joy! The desire for lightness is manifested this season through natural materials and fibers including birch, bamboo and cotton.

After a long, dark winter, we need bright, cheerful colors. Pastel pinks and mauves play with grass green tones and graphic lines. The abstract and expressive works of renowned Swedish artist Hilma af Klint provide the key inspiration.

Key items of interest include cushion covers handwoven by artisans from the Jordan River Foundation, and a selection of crystal vases made from reclaimed glass by Ilse Crawford. Clean, sculptural Scandinavian design largely defines the collection, which includes two graphic ceiling lamps, as well as everyday but very striking items such as Aaron Probyn's stylish mirror.

Throughout the collection you can feel a special attention paid to making simple items special; Even a need can be magically satisfied if it is done with care and the right materials.

SÖDÅKRA ceiling lamp

Made of birch and influenced by the shapes of nature —its superimposed components are designed to resemble clouds—, this new ceiling lamp combines organic materials with a graphic language typical of Scandinavian design and striking simplicity.

"It's typical Scandinavian design in that the scale of the idea gets progressively smaller until you're left with the essence of what you want to achieve." Monika Mulder, designer. “I wanted the lamp to be a small piece of graphic art, created with natural materials,” designer Monika Mulder says of the idea behind this lamp.

The result is a flat-packed lamp with a unique design that is both stylish and rustic. This lamp will add a touch of Scandinavian expression to your space, as well as radiating a warm and soft light. It illuminates entire rooms, as well as providing direct light over dining spaces, while its overlapping wooden components create evocative shadows.

Despite its attractive design and attention to detail, it comes at a great price. So this spring, dazzle with SÖDÅKRA!


A new family of vases, offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed by Ilse Crawford in her design studio, StudioIlse. Created with reclaimed glass and blown by master artisans, these vases will not go unnoticed, whether or not they contain fresh flowers.

What makes these vases unique is their organic feel: they vary in quality and surface texture. Some are smooth and clear, others are matte and opaque or frosted, while others have air bubbles that got trapped in the glass. These distinctive design features match Crawford's ethos of making small, everyday items special.

Each of these vases is made using reclaimed glass, the discarded waste material from glassware manufacturing. By using recovered glass, we consume less new raw materials and reduce our environmental impact.

  • “As designers, we approach sustainability not only from the improvement of materials and processes, but also from longevity. Create items that are beautiful and of good quality that people want to keep.” Ilse Crawford, designer.

    Following the lead of the 2015 SINNERLIG collection and a selection of our scent items in our latest release in October, we are pleased to once again collaborate with Ilse Crawford and StudioIlse. Designing items that last and that use more sustainable materials is a value that IKEA and the designer share.

    The vase has spiral grooves in the base, so you can space the stems evenly. Place crystal ornaments on your windowsill, mantel, or table, and watch them catch the bright spring light.

  • BRUNBÄR pots

    Ikea presents its spring news

    In keeping with the design values ​​of Ilse Crawford and StudioIlse, this new outdoor terracotta planter with saucer is an everyday item made exceptional.

    Available in two different sizes, it combines classic earthenware with the smooth, clean contours of Scandinavian design. It is an excellent example of a beautiful union between form and functionality. Fill them with plants and give a much-needed green touch to your outdoor space.

    “For our part, we always keep in mind our humanistic values. These guidelines inform our work to create items that are both useful and beautiful." Ilse Crawford, designer.

    Terracotta prevents plants from getting too wet, as it is a porous material that absorbs moisture. By choosing a material that can store moisture and pairing it with a saucer, we created the perfect shape to drain excess water and create a little reserve for dry days.

    Their beautiful prints have been handwoven by artisans from the Jordan River Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides long-term livelihoods for artisans, Syrian refugee women and local Jordanian women. The covers are made with 100% cotton from more sustainable sources.

    Since 2017, IKEA has collaborated with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) to co-create and develop textiles for IKEA together with local women and refugees from Jordan. The mission of this association is to address the challenges of integration and job creation for artisans.

    “The initials on the cushion covers give a nice personal touch and allow the artisans to feel a certain connection to what they do. In addition, it offers the client an added value: the signature of the woman who did it, who is now in your house”. Akanksha Deo, IKEA in-house designer.

  • "I think it has a very special story, it's much more than a cushion cover." Akanksha Deo, IKEA in-house designer.

    When Akanksha Deo began working on two new cushion cover designs, to be produced in collaboration with JRF, her top priority was to come up with patterns that artisans could enjoy knitting. For this reason, he chose simple and organic shapes and embroideries that could vary. “I really wanted to give the crafters something simple that they could have fun working with, and also something that would be fun and easy to place in your home,” she says.

    In the case of the ÄNGSMÄTARE print, the embroidery woven around the circles is different on each cover. “There is variety in the design itself,” Akanksha explains. «It is a very hidden detail, but each client receives a different one. It's a nice way to take care of the people who create them, since the design is easier and more fun to do, but also to offer something more to the customer than the purchase.

    Along with the fantastic motifs inspired by Hilma af Klint, what makes these covers special are the hand-woven initials of the artisans who made them.

    “This was also part of our quest to give women artisans a sense of ownership of the design,” says Akanksha. This makes the case more sustainable, as you're more likely to keep an item for longer if you have some personal connection to it.

    “We use and throw away a lot of things, but we only keep what we have an emotional attachment to, so how can we make more items that feel personal and special?” she asks. Certainly, these cushion covers meet that goal.

    KALLFRONT Ceiling Lamp Shade

    Our new metal ceiling lamp shade achieves the impossible: it has an impressive, voluminous shape that can be flat-packed. She is as pretty as she is technically intelligent.

    Thanks to its elegant lines and surprising sculptural shape, the KALLFRONT ceiling lamp shade is a work of exquisite design that will transform the energy of any room. Its elegant and open design is shaping up to be an iconic addition to our range, especially at its incredible price.

    “With small components and in a small package, we have tried to create something big and exciting for the home, and we have succeeded,” says designer Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä.

    Thanks to its undulating metallic shape, KALLFRONT creates a dramatic play of light and shadow. Light cascades from the center and through the flowing arches to create poetic effects on the walls of the living room, dining room or hallway.

  • ». With a space under the table, designed for IKEA 365+ food containers, you can put the cut and ready-to-cook food in the lower container.

    Bamboo is a brilliant choice for an everyday cutting board, as it has a soft, dense grain that doesn't absorb liquids easily, is washable, and is a renewable and durable material. Bamboo grows back quickly.

    "I'm very interested in the term I call 'non-design' i.e. you should get the feeling that it's the perfect answer to a specific functionality question.". Friso Wiersma, IKEA in-house designer.

    The STOLTHET cutting board is a wonderful example of Friso Wiersma's "non-design" ethos: designing items that never go out of style because their functionality is infinite.

    This board streamlines meal preparation and keeps your countertop organized. Put another container underneath for waste and be amazed at how easy it is to keep the kitchen tidy while you cook.

    In addition, it has securely attached legs for extra stability, so feel free to use it as a serving tray as well. Its compact size makes it a perfect choice for smaller kitchens.

    GRANVÅG Mirror

    Our new wall mirror, with an elegant metal frame, comes in two different sizes and shapes, and is available in pink or green. Its storage system is surprising: jewelry, scarves and other small personal items can be hung from the lower rail.

    While a mirror is an everyday household item, this new look from British designer Aaron Probyn is expressive in both form and colour. His rack, whose style is retro-inspired, will add a surprising touch of elegance to your walls.

    Aaron Probyn, designer.

    Aaron Probyn is a British designer based in New York. His designs are minimalist and functional, yet demonstrate an appreciation for tactility and expression. From furniture to lighting and kitchenware, Aaron's creations prioritize longevity, quality and timelessness over passing trends. His latest designs for IKEA are stylish takes on everyday staples.

    SALUDING laundry basket

    Our new 50 L laundry basket is made of 100% bamboo and has been woven by our master craftsmen. With natural variations in shape and color, each basket is a unique work of art - no two are alike.

    Bring a bit of style to your spring laundry with SALUDING. Its lid is especially attractive thanks to its intricately woven design that pays homage to traditional craftsmanship and turns the most mundane items into objects worthy of recognition.

    Bamboo is an organic material that creates a sense of calm in the chaos. It is as renewable as it is fast growing, which reduces our environmental impact by avoiding the use of finite materials. And, although it seems very light, it is very resistant and capable of withstanding the agitation of the day to day.

    The basket comes with an internal bag and handles that make it easy to transport the laundry. In addition, its small legs allow it to be kept in the bathroom without absorbing moisture. Doing laundry has become much more relaxing.

    KNOPARE Hook

    The KNOPARE Hook is made from 90% recycled materials, used nets and ropes that have been salvaged by fishermen in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the UK. United. Given the unusualness of its materials, this extravagant home accessory is an incredible example of how waste can have a second life and create new items.

    It is the ideal accessory for those who enjoy their decoration having an interesting story to tell, especially one that helps the environment. Easy to fix on the wall, with a compact shape to bring order to small spaces, the KNOPARE hook will keep your home in order this spring.

  • “The shape of the hook, which looks like a boat, is directly linked to the origin of the material. It is made from recycled material that comes from old fishermen's nets and ropes." Imma Bermudez, designer.

    By using recycled materials in this way, we reduce the consumption of new raw materials and our environmental footprint. Working with post-consumer waste is an important factor in reaching our sustainability goals: by 2030, we expect all the materials we use to be either recycled or renewable.

    TROLLDOM 3-piece crib bedding set

    This children's bedding comes to life with an enchanting animal print designed by Swedish artist Malin Gyllensvaan, known for her whimsical illustrations inspired by the world. natural and vintage botanical studies.

    This adorable textile collection is the perfect way to revamp the little one's crib for spring. Made from a soft, more sustainably sourced cotton blend and moisture-wicking viscose material, it's gentle on baby's skin, ensuring sweet dreams all night long.

    Safety is a priority: the duvet cover zipper comes with a pull tab. It's durable and machine washable - made for busy parents!

    "Woodland animals have always been a bit magical to me, and it's been an honor to be able to draw these patterns for babies and their parents." Malin Gyllensvaan, designer.

    Malin Gyllensvaan grew up in rural Sweden, and has always been fascinated by the creatures of the Nordic forests. The idea behind this bedding set was to make this special moment with your little one even more memorable by telling fairy tales inspired by the fluffy animals that play on the fabric.


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