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Iverson: "Jordan would easily get 40 points every night today"

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One of the biggest hobbies of NBA fans is imagining what a certain player from another era might be capable of doing today, trying to transport a legend from the past to the present with their minds.

Of course, Michael Jordan is one of the most used legends in this type of fictional scenario, so the Bulls player (not the Wizards player) is constantly compared to others from more modern times with whom he did not coincide. clue. And they don't just compare his game, they try to guess his numbers, the stats that he would be able to sign if he played today.

Many people have tried to establish how many points Jordan would be able to average now, from his former agent David Falk to Mark Cuban to Vlade Divac to Metta Sandiford-Artest. And the latest to do so publicly is Allen Iverson on the Club Shay Shay show hosted by three-time NFL champion Shannon Sharpe. 'The Answer' was full of praise for him and stated that he could average 40 points without much effort.

"What's the most he's ever averaged in a season, 37?" Iverson said. "Okay, 40 easy. Yeah, I'd get to 40 easy, 40 would be easy for 'Black Jesus.'"


Then, the former Sixers player admitted that, when it comes to talking about Jordan, he is not objective: "When I talk about him, it's different. That sometimes is not good because I love him too much. I would never have been the Allen Iverson player basketball if it hadn't been for him.

When it comes to intervening in the debate about the best of all time, Iverson is clear about his chosen ones: Mike, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

"Putting LeBron in the equation is also difficult for me because I have an extraordinary relationship with him. I didn't have the same relationship with Mike. But I've never seen any better player than the three of them, I've never seen anything like LeBron, Mike and Kobe." .

Iverson grew up idolizing Jordan, as did most newcomers to basketball at the time. Then he coincided with his last years in Chicago and his flirtation with him in Washington. But it was enough for his admiration for him to grow even more. Well, that was the kind of impact Jordan had on just about everyone.

If MJ had played in a less physical NBA like it is today, well, who knows? The same 40 on average would be little for him. He was one of the two players who finished his career averaging more than 30 points per night (the other is Wilt Chamberlain), those numbers would remain small in current basketball. But that remains in the field of hypothesis, something that is very popular in the NBA.

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