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Julieta Nair Calvo gave details of her pregnancy: "I was afraid to dance the pipe because nobody knew I was pregnant"

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Julieta Nair Calvo provided details of her pregnancy, which she made official yesterday on her social networks and also on last night's Showmatch broadcast. The actress and dancer, who was invited to Los Angeles de la Mañana, shared how she is going through this long-awaited moment -for her and for her boyfriend, Andrés-: "Well, I feel like vomiting a little. I'm with a little nauseated, that's how I was these months, but I still went to rehearse," he told Ángel de Brito. Julieta Nair Calvo dio detalles de su embarazo: Julieta Nair Calvo dio detalles de su embarazo:

Julieta is already 3 and a half months old and she waited a little more than two to break the news to the future grandparents, who are also first-timers: her parents and Andrés's mother. The funny thing was how she told the future father the news about her: after taking the pregnancy test alone, she went to wake him up with breakfast and the test that marked "positive" in an empty croissant box. Between the nerves and that he was asleep, he believed that he had Covid: "He took a long time to react" he commented, laughing.

The actress kept the news secret from the public until yesterday. She even took a long time to communicate it to her dance partner and her coach who, at first, did not understand when she (on medical advice) began to pull tricks from the choreos. However, to rehearse "I was eager, but carefully: the obstetrician told me that I could not fall or hit myself sharply," he explained and also said that things got complicated when he had to dance on the pipe, for which The pirouettes turned out very well for him, which he had to end up taking out to avoid taking risks.

Julieta Nair Calvo dio detalles de su embarazo:

Despite the nausea with which she lived these months, Julieta did not lose the desire to work: "It happened to me that I felt at home out there but when I rehearse I put my batteries on, on stage everything happens to me. I really like working", said the actress who also said she felt lucky to be able to do what she loves.

During the broadcast, in addition, a mobile from the program was next to Andrés (who owns gastronomic establishments) and she also commented on her feelings about this first child on the way. "We were waiting for it."

The baby, who will be born in mid-March, "can be Pisces or Aries," said the expectant mother, who is also a fan of Astrology. As for the names, they said that they have one for a girl and two for a boy, but that for now they will not reveal them. Ángel asked if they had an agreement about who was going to choose the names, to which the father replied that he had no problem negotiating it. But that he was not going to give up the picture of his future son, who has to be -like him- from Racing, since Julieta and her family are all from Independiente: "I need to add one who is strong with me", he said, joking.

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