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Kaya Gerber and her friend Charlotte Lawrence coordinate their (mid-time) expert looks.

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As a final point, we are left with the fact that, however rich and famous they may be, they are like any couple of friends in the world, which, in fact, means sharing their clothes. While on the street we saw Kaya with the green fireman, in a video posted on Snapchat that same day-and one user uploaded to Instagram-we saw Charlotte wearing the same one, confirming that the best friends are the ones who lend themselves the whole closet. Definitely, these are.

Kaya Gerber's style

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Kaia Gerber y su amiga Charlotte Lawrence coordinan sus looks (de entretiempo) nivel experto

Video: Kaya Gerber's style

That's Kaya Gerber's' influence 'friends.

Kaya Gerber wants you back to your teenage Mane.

Kaya Gerber finds out on Instagram that her parents have made changes at home.

Kaya Gerber, one step away from Kendall Jenner and the Hadid on Instagram... At least as far as quality is concerned.

Kaia Gerber recreates her mother's airport look Cindy Crawford in the 1990s

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