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The heat wave is coming to an end, when does the temperature drop?

By hollisterclothingoutlet 18/02/2022 894 Views

The heat does not stop and for this Friday a very hot day is expected again in Mendoza. However, in the next few days a cold front will relieve all Mendoza.

The Directorate of Agriculture and Climatic Contingencies indicated "variable cloudiness with moderate winds from the southern sector." The maximum will be 39 degrees while the minimum will reach 26.

According to the spread, these conditions will continue for most of the weekend.

For Saturday, the forecast also indicates "very hot" with isolated storms towards the night . The maximum will be 39ºC and the minimum 25ºC.

Meanwhile, for Sunday, “little cloudiness with a drop in temperature, moderate winds from the southeast are announced. Front system login. The maximum will reach 34ºC and the minimum 24ºC.

On Monday a cold front will enter that will put an end to the heat. It will be accompanied by the probability of storms, since the cold would provide the necessary conditions for condensation and precipitation in different parts of the province.


High temperatures put people's health at risk, especially those over 60 years of age and babies and children . Periods of high temperatures can cause heat stroke, characterized by severe headache, loss of consciousness, extreme increase in body temperature, dizziness and dry skin, warns the SMN.

Therefore, it is very important to follow the following recommendations:

Likewise, the national body recommends wearing light, loose and light-colored clothing and staying in ventilated or conditioned spaces.

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