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Las Noches del Ángel, the terrace with Iván Cerdeño's kitchen that is sweeping Toledo

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You don't have to be by the sea to become the place where everyone wants to be this summer. That is what happens with Las Noches del Ángel, the summer terrace of the Cigarral del Ángel, a historic and monumental rural estate in Toledo. The environment, although freshwater, could not be more spectacular: on the banks of the Tagus, surrounded by exuberant vegetation, gardens, patios and squares and with views of the imperial city that leave more than one speechless. And, although Las Noches del Ángel is only a year old, the cigarral where it is located has an extensive biography. "It is the oldest in Toledo and has an area of ​​10 hectares," explains Óscar Rodríguez, director of Grupo Sabores, a restaurant company that, for eight years, has managed the events that take place in the Cigarral del Ángel and also in your terrace.

They say that there was a Roman arena there; later a convent and later the home of Fina de Calderón (1920-2010), Spanish writer, poet, musician and composer. Today, its gardens and its thousands of rose bushes and other plants frame, among other things, the best terrace in the interior of the Peninsula, according to the readers of the Repsol Guide.

Las Noches... was born last year. "We are dedicated, above all, to events and weddings. As a result of the pandemic, our activity disappeared, we decided to open a summer terrace in the afternoons and from May to October," says Óscar. And the success of this project that was born out of necessity and reinvention was such that, in 2021, they have repeated the experience.

To the undoubted aesthetic appeal of the space, the gastronomic one is added, since the estate houses, in the palace, the Iván Cerdeño Restaurant, whose delicate cuisine from memory, seasonal, of the products of the environment (orchard, riverbank and mountain ) -and also avant-garde- has been recognized by the red guide with a Michelin star. The chef's influence is not only from the neighborhood, he is also the author of the menu for this summer terrace.

Angel Nights, the terrace with Iván Cerdeño's kitchen that sweeps Toledo

The chef from Toledo has developed an informal, casual proposal for tapas to share and dine under the stars. Let's go to it: to start, the artisan ham croquette is essential, winner of the Contest for the Best Joselito Ham Croquette, at the Madrid Fusión Congress of 2020. Other options are the scallops in coconut ceviche or the tuna skewer seasoned with olives and anchovy.

You can continue with the guacamole made at the moment and fried crystal shrimp and pomegranate or the seasoned burrata, with selected tomatoes, pesto and salted meats. What do you prefer the classics of the Sardinian universe? There are the foie gras millefeuille with quince and truffled butter; the smoked Russian salad and the pibil-style stewed suckling pig tacos, pico de gallo and herb salad. And, if you are looking for more, do not miss the marine and land offer, such as the ropa vieja cannelloni, chickpeas and truffled béchamel, the red tuna from the almadraba with tomato and broken eggs, the roast feather with aubergine stew from Almagro and mustard or the whole fried sea bass with red mojo and tartar sauce.

We continue with another of the attractions of this privileged enclave: live music, with local artists of different styles, "from blues and soul to flamenco. It is our bit to help a group that has been greatly affected by the pandemic" , adds the director of the Saboress Group.

This year, the Las Noches del Ángel terrace will be open until August 15, since a certain normality has arrived in the world of events and, "from that date, it is only available for weddings and other celebrations", explains Rodriguez.

But the terraced and summer offer of the Cigarral del Ángle does not disappear, it moves, since on August 18 a new project starts: La Cala de Buenavista. "A beach bar in Parque Bélgica, a residential neighborhood in Toledo. It is an informal concept with a beach flavor that will open all year," concludes Óscar. And, of course, with the seal of Iván Cerdeño, who has designed a menu in which rice and grilled meat reign.

The Nights of the Angel, from Cigarral del Ángel (Carretera de Puebla de Montalbán, s/n, Toledo). Open until August 15, from Wednesday to Sunday from 8:30 p.m. Reservations on the phone: 621 29 98 35.

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