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New at Ikea: the beautiful duvet covers for babies designed by a famous illustrator

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  • Ikea sells duvet covers for cribs or baby beds at a very good price.

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    By John Fernandez

    Winter is the exact time to 'dress' the bed with quilts and duvet covers and sleep well covered up to the neck, in order to repel the cold. In addition to protecting the duvet, the duvet cover will add that extra bit of decoration to the room.

    And it is that when you enter the room, one of the first things that jumps out at you is the bed, and covering it with a beautiful, colorful and eye-pleasing duvet cover will help create a much more pleasing environment.

    Ikea sells the duvet covers of a famous designer at the best price

    Ikea has in its stock many duvet covers for all types of beds: 180, 190... And even for the little ones, clothes for the beds and cribs of the babies in the house.

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    Now they have put on sale duvet covers for these baby beds designed by a famous illustrator, Malin Gyllensvaan. They include drawings of funny forest animals to give a childish touch when your baby arrives home.

    Gyllensvaan is a famous textile designer and illustrator based in Stockholm. Her clients include Ikea, Åhléns, H & M, Design House Greetings, Wrangler, Boobdesign, JC, Camilla Norrback, Spoon, American Greetings and Anthropologie, among others, and she always has floral or natural motifs, done in pencil. .

    The duvet cover with a children's design for your baby's bed

    The fabric has a super soft and pleasant feel, as sustainable cotton has been blended with viscose, which also absorbs and wicks away moisture, helping the body maintain an even and comfortable temperature.

    Ikea duvet cover

    Its measurements are for beds or cribs with 60×120 bars, which is the usual size for small or very small beds, which you can also find at Ikea with the same measurements along with mattresses. In addition, it has a zipper so that it is much more comfortable to adapt it to the mattress, replacing the buttons.

    But without a doubt, one of the greatest virtues of these duvet covers is their price. Accustomed to paying high prices for bedding, Ikea sells them for just 13 euros.

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