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Recent mothers and vegan babies

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These days there have been two news about veganism and recent motherhood. One was a terrible event in which a baby child of vegan parents in France ended up dying, with a very low weight, of nutritional deficiencies. A real drama. The other was the decision of Natalie Portman, recognized vegan, to become ovolactovegetarian as a result of her pregnancy. That is, it goes from not taking any animal derivatives to eating eggs and milk (I Don't know if it also fish) even if it still doesn't taste the meat.

And here is a point to clarify something important as I am going to comment on this subject. I'm not vegetarian or vegan.

Not seen in skins nor would I ever do it and I actively cooperate in what I can in animal protection, but I eat meat punctually. And I say punctually because what is true is that I barely eat meat. It can be weeks before I try it. The body is asking for it less and less and I firmly believe that we consume far more meat than is necessary. It is neither healthy for us nor respectful of the animals we feed on as they could be much less and better treated.

Madres recientes y bebés veganos

I have many vegan and vegetarian friends who have criticized Natalie Portman's decision and who Don't explain how that vegan baby could have died. They are people who know a lot about nutrition and know a thousand examples of pregnant mothers, infants, and babies who have grown up healthy with this diet.

Now, now. I personally wouldn't gamble on it. I admit I wouldn't keep a restrictive diet at those vital moments. I wouldn't do it out of fear of making a mistake, I wouldn't do it out of prudence, no matter how much my friends criticize me for what I'm saying.

I Don't mean to say that I would go to eat half-raw fillets every day, but I would try to take a varied and healthy diet to cure myself in health.

I am afraid to convey the message that veganism has no drawbacks during pregnancy, lactation or the development of a baby, as it can be taken to the letter by people with little preparation and terrible results as we have seen.

And finally, a fragment of an interesting article by Consumer Eroski from an expert nutritionist on the subject.

Vegan food pyramid

What do you think?

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