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The 13 best swim diapers to enjoy the water without accidents

By hollisterclothingoutlet 21/04/2022 737 Views
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Liliana Guerra @aBeautyHealthy

Wet diapers are one of those unknowns you face when you go into the water with your baby for the first time. I didn't know anything about it and the truth is that I was quite afraid of having an "accident" on the beach or in the pool.

Although at the beginning I used disposable diapers, I have ended up using reusable ones, so I have made an interesting journey between different types and brands, and I have found important differences between them, mainly if we compare disposables with reusable ones.

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What is the difference between a water diaper and a normal one?

I must confess that at first I did not know if there was a difference between one or the other, but they do exist: the main one is that the water diaper, unlike the normal ones, does not absorb anything (imagine how it would swell and what a diaper would weigh normal when putting it in the water), although they do retain the baby's poop.

The second main one is that the closures (at least the disposable ones) have a texture that resembles Velcro to prevent the water from taking them off.

The best disposable diapers

Disposable diapers have advantages such as not having to wash them, they fit the baby's body quite well, and they are quite soft both inside and out. Being disposable, they are very practical; are used and discarded.

Huggies Little Swimmers

These are the best selling disposable diapers on Amazon. They offer protection to prevent small accidents in the water and I can attest that they work perfectly because we never had one in the time we used them. They don't swell, they have fun Disney designs and an easy opening system on the sides. They are available in sizes 2-3 (3-8kg), 3-4 (7-15kg) and 5-6 (12-18kg).

Dodot Splashers Disposable Swim Diaper

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimsuit Diaper Size 3-4 (7-15 Kg) - 20 units

Today on Amazon for €12.70

They are quite similar to the previous ones in terms of quality, but physically they are more like swimsuits that are not disposable. They are available in sizes 3-4 (6-11kg) and 4-5 (9-15kg).

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Dodot Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers, Non-Swelling and Easy to Remove, Size 4, 9-15 kg - 11 Units

Today on Amazon for €4.55

Chelino swimmers

These diapers incorporate an elastic waist that offers a perfect fit to the baby's body and great comfort. They have anti-escape barriers that offer the baby maximum protection (and parents great peace of mind), and a side opening by tearing makes it ideal for great comfort. Their design is similar to a children's swimsuit with marine animals and they are available in sizes M (9-15kg) and L (+15kg).


Today on Amazon for €6.99

Lillydoo Swim Diapers

They are the first diapers-swimsuits in the world to obtain the OEKO-TEX® Made in Green certification, which guarantees that this product has undergone a control of substances and chemical products harmful to health and certifies that its production is carried out in environmentally friendly factories with safe and socially responsible workplaces.

They are made with a breathable outer layer and a soft top layer that incorporates a very light core and tunnels for fluid distribution. They also have an elastic waist and leak protection thanks to the elastic closure at the legs. They are available in sizes S (6-11kg), M (9-15kg) and L (14+kg). Its price is 10 euros (11 to 10 diapers, depending on the size).

Tidoo bath diapers

This French brand of organic baby care products is quite popular. It has anti-leak barriers to prevent small accidents and an absorbent core, unique in its category, that does not swell with water, for greater well-being and comfort for the baby on the beach and in the pool. They also have an ultra-soft coating and are hypoallergenic. They are available in sizes 3 (4-9kg), 4 (8-15kg) and 5 (12-18kg).

Tidoo 503990 - Swimmers bath diapers t4, 8 15kg, unisex

Today on Amazon for €14.45

Swimmies Water Diapers

They're made from a protective waterproof material for comfort in the water. It has a special panty cut with a soft elastic band at the waist and legs that guarantees perfect support, regardless of whether the baby is in the water or not. It is breathable and has very cheerful colors.

Swimmies Tg S 7-13 kg Pool Diapers

Today on Amazon for €13.57

Pampers Il Costumino

This swim diaper is worn like a brief and is easily removed thanks to the side opening. It has a double barrier that reduces the risk of spills and, of course, it does not inflate in water. They are available in sizes 3 (6-11kg), 4 (8-15kg) and 5 (15+kg).

Pampers Il Costumino, 10 diapers, size 5+ (15+ kg)

Today on Amazon for €8.94
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The best reusable diapers

Obviously, reusable diapers have the advantage that they help us save money by not having to buy them. From my experience I tell you that they are very comfortable, and although you have to wash them, unless the baby defecates, you don't even notice it because you can put them in the washing machine. It is also a great small gesture to make parenting a little more sustainable with the planet.

Diaper Swimsuit Bambino Mío

It is the first reusable diaper that I used and with which I have repeated every summer because it seems unbeatable. Both the inside and the outside are made of non-waterproof polyester, so it's very soft on baby's delicate skin.

Bambino Mio Potty Training Learning Diaper, Multi-Colour (Pelican Pier), 2 Years+

Today on Amazon for €15.49

Teamoy Swim Diaper

This diaper is made of a waterproof outer material and lining made of soft polyester mesh for baby's comfort and easy washing. It has an adjustable size to help parents adjust the right fit for baby and can be adjusted at the waist and the soft elastic leg openings provide security and ease when putting on and taking off.

Teamoy Swim Diaper (2 Pieces) Swim Diaper Training Pants,Cat+Colorful Chevron

Today on Amazon for €16.99

Luxja Swim Diaper

This water diaper is similar to the previous one, since it is made of a light and washable polyester and an inner mesh lining, easy to clean, that resists washing without problems and avoids skin irritations. They have several snaps that offer a good fit to the baby's body and adapt to her growth. It is available for babies 0-3 years old.

Luxja Baby Swim Diaper Reusable Baby Swim Diaper Washable Baby Diaper (0-3 years), forest flamingo + stars (red stripe)

Today on Amazon for €15.99

InnoBeta Swim Diaper

They are made of 100% waterproof PUL polyester on the outer layer. The inner material is an extremely soft premium polyester mesh, designed for quick wash and baby comfort. They also have adjustable buttons that fit baby and are available in two sizes (Little Kid and Big Kid).

2 PCS InnoBeta Swim Diaper, Reusable Baby Swim Diaper, Washable Cloth Swim Diaper for Boys Girls 0-2 Years(Size M), Blue Pineapple + Unicorn

Today on Amazon for €7.99

Splash About Happy Nappy Reusable Diaper

It has a patented design for comfort and fit. It is technically made of neoprene and has back panels that make it safe but allow the child to move comfortably. It also has UPF50+ to provide sun protection. There are sizes available from 0 to 24 months.

Splash About Happy Nappy Reusable Swim Diaper - Under The Sea 12-24 Months

Today on Amazon for €13.19

Zoocchini jersey and hat

This swim diaper is made with 100% polyester Microfiber that dries quickly and has a soft mesh interior and an adjustable belt to ensure a comfortable fit. Both the swimsuit and the matching hat have UPF 50+ and are resistant to chlorine and salt.

Zoocchini Duck Leotard/Hat S (3-6 months)

Today on Amazon for €33.14
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