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The best comfortable to store clothes in your bedroom

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The chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing in any bedroom since it saves space in the room and in the closets by storing bedding and any type of garment in its drawers. But, in addition, it can serve as a dressing table if a mirror is placed on it and has the ability to give a subtle touch of elegance to the decoration. In summary, functionality and style in equal parts.

This Dogar white wooden chest of drawers seems to us to have all these qualities. It has been made of solid wood from sustainable farms, is very easy to assemble and has non-slip feet. All this, together with the excellent opinions published by its users, has earned it to be considered the best comfortable within this comparison. Of course, it is closely followed by this modern Vasagle chest of drawers. Its peculiar design, which alternates four drawers and a door, is its main strong point.

The best, our choice: Dogar translucent white wooden chest of drawers

We start with what, according to the opinions of Amazon users, is the best chest of drawers from the Dogar brand. Its average grade is 3.4 out of 5 with 33% of maximum scores. “A white dresser made of solid wood. Its simple design fits perfectly in my minimalist bedroom” Mía says of her. To this Patricia adds that "it is very easy to assemble and really versatile and practical" and also that "it is a chest of drawers with very safe non-slip feet".

This translucent white wooden dresser has dimensions of 78.5 x 75 x 35 cm. This means that it can also be considered a mini chest of drawers or even an auxiliary piece of furniture for the kitchen, even though its design is specifically for bedrooms. A versatility that is added as a quality to the use of quality wood extracted from sustainable farms in environmental terms. It is easy to assemble and includes very detailed instructions.


Second option: Nightstand VS Sale-stock

3.5 out of 5 and 40% of 5-star ratings. That is the rating that the best chest of drawers of the VS brand deserves according to Amazon customers. For example, Abel tells us about it that "it is a modern chest of drawers made of solid pine wood decorated with stripped drawers at the forefront of the Nordic style". Instead, Raquel explains that "I use it as a night dresser next to the bed and I'm delighted with it."

This small dresser for adults is available in three different sizes and with two, four or five drawers. In addition, these have an easy extraction guide. The whole of its structure is white with a modern and Nordic style that gives a touch of design to your home. Includes instructions and all necessary hardware for assembly and installation.

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Alternative:Vasagle modern chest of drawers

We conclude with the best chest of drawers of the Vasagle brand, according to the evaluations of Amazon customers, who give it a average score of 4.3 out of 5 and 62% 5-star ratings. According to Pedro, we are looking at "a double chest of drawers that can serve as a corner unit and whose aesthetics are similar to that of a symphony". For her part, Soledad focuses on the fact that “combining drawers with a door is more useful and practical than she could have imagined”.

Here we are talking about an elegant chest of drawers in white color made of durable and resistant MDF material. It has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg and its measurements are 81 x 56 x 30 cm. In addition, it has four handleless sliding drawers and a door whose interior is divided into three levels by shelves. It is ideal for both the bedroom and the living room or bathroom.

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How to choose a chest of drawers and what to consider before buying one?

To find the best chest of drawers in value for money it is necessary to consider all these purchasing factors:

  1. Manufacturing materials: the best chests of drawers are made of oak or pine wood. However, there is cheaper furniture made of this type of chipboard covered with melamine and that simulates its aesthetics well. Those made of plastic and metal, although less common, are also recommended for children's and modern bedrooms.
  2. Number of drawers: traditional dressers have three drawers. But, today, there are many more.
  3. Size: we must choose based on the space available in the room. If it is very small, it may be more advisable to buy a chest of drawers.
  4. Design: there are chests of drawers in oriental, retro, vintage, contemporary, classic styles... the choice should be made thinking of giving harmony to the decorative environment from the room.
  5. Safety: there are wall-hung, floor-standing and leg-mounted chests of drawers. In any case, they must be fixed to the wall with screws to prevent them from tipping forward and causing an accident.
  6. Accessories: we can choose a dresser with a mirror to put on our makeup or do our hair, a night dresser with lamp that serves as a table next to the bed... there are many options. It doesn't hurt that it also includes drawer dividers.
  7. Price of the chest of drawers: an inexpensive and quality chest of drawers can cost between €60 and €100, approximately. An exclusive design model can skyrocket to over €500.
  8. Best dresser brands: IKAYAA, VS Venta-Stock and Dogar are three brands highly valued by users because they design dressers with very good value for money.

What is a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers is a low or mid-height and fairly wide piece of furniture designed specifically for storing clothes. In fact, it has drawers and a horizontal top in its upper area and is usually placed in the bedroom.

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The best dressers for storing clothes in your bedroom

The origin of the classic chest of drawers must be found in France at the end of the 17th century. However, its invention is not documented until 1708. Its name derives from the term commode and its design is based on the addition of drawers and legs to a traditional chest.

What is it for?

Dressers are used to store clothes in an organized way. Generally, it is used to store intimate garments such as underpants, panties, socks or undershirts. But they can also be used to keep pajamas, scarves, gloves and accessories and clothing accessories in general at hand. They are even useful for easily organizing bed linen and towels.

Where do you put the chests of drawers?

Tradition dictates that the chest of drawers should go in the bedroom since, usually, that is the place in the house that we use to dress ourselves. However, design innovation, together with the functionality and versatility of this furniture, has made it possible for us to find:

Differences between chiffonier and chest of drawers. Which is better?

Many people confuse them because of their similarity, but a chest of drawers is not the same as a chest of drawers or chiffonier.

Specifically, chests of drawers are low or medium-sized pieces of furniture that try to make the most of horizontal space through the use of drawers. On the other hand, the symphonies are much narrower and much taller, so they are more useful to make the most of the vertical space.

Dressers tend to have wider drawers for horizontal storage and chests of drawers that are narrower and more vertical

So, chest of drawers or chest of drawers? The answer will depend on the size of our home. A chest of drawers is more useful as a clothes storage unit in small bedrooms and in small rooms in the house since they cover less horizontal surface. On the other hand, a chest of drawers looks much better in a spacious room.

Types of chests of drawers

We can distinguish different types of chests of drawers depending on their installation system:

  1. Dressers with legs: they are the most common and those that meet the standards of the classic style.
  2. Suspended dressers: they do not have legs and have a series of hooks to fix them to the wall . Therefore, it seems that they are 'suspended in the air'. They are the recommended chests of drawers for modern-style bedrooms.
  3. Floor chests of drawers: they do not have legs either. However, they are not hung on the wall, but their base is placed directly on the floor. They have become reference objects of minimalist design and Nordic style.

In addition, most chests of drawers have three drawers that run from end to end of the furniture. However, there are more modern variants that have a greater or lesser number of compartments and even place two or more in a single row.

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For its part, although they can be made of plastic, metal and many other materials, wooden chests are still the most common. The most common are:

  1. Pine chests of drawers.
  2. Oak chests of drawers.

It is also possible that they include colored lacquers, mirrors and textile details. In short, the number and variety of chests of drawers available is practically endless.

Why have one at home?

The best chests of drawers are capable of providing all these benefits in the home:

  1. Adaptation to the decoration: there are vintage, youthful, avant-garde chests of drawers... it is easy to find the right one for the style of our home.
  2. Use of space: buying a chest of drawers implies using the horizontal and vertical space of the bedroom in a very efficient way.
  3. Order: we can use each drawer for a type of garment or even divide them using dividers.
  4. Great versatility: they can be placed in many rooms inside the house and used to store almost anything.
  5. Durability: the best chests of drawers can not only remain in perfect condition for decades. In addition, they are pieces of furniture that do not go out of style.
  6. Personalization: the chests of drawers can be decorated to the taste of each person by placing mirrors, photo frames, flowers, etc. on them.

How to decorate it?

Over time, we may get tired of the appearance of our chest of drawers. However, it is not necessary to get rid of it and buy a new one. These are some ideas to renew it:

  1. Paint it: we will only need to remove the previous paint or varnish using a stripper and apply furniture paint of another color. We can even not do the latter and enjoy a stripped chest of drawers with a marked industrial style.
  2. Change the handles: they are only details of the doors but they manage to considerably change the aesthetics of the drawers.
  3. < li> Put wallpaper: we can find it in any furniture store. We measured, cut the fragments and placed them using wood adhesive. An excellent option to get, for example, a very striking and fun chest of drawers for a baby's bedroom without spending a lot of money.
  4. Adding moldings: we may not have enough skill to do them ourselves, but in any carpentry we can buy some that we like and paste them in the drawers.
  5. Place vinyls: colored vinyls are very fashionable in youth chests of drawers. Also, having glue and a cutter at hand, anyone can put them on.

Paint it, put handles on it, put wallpaper on it, add moldings or put vinyl to give it your personal touch

Any of these tips is valid to decorate and restore from a cheap dresser to one of the most expensive on the market.

How to organize a dresser drawer?

Here are some practical tips for organizing the drawers of a spacious dresser:

  1. This is the ideal time to get rid of those clothes that we no longer use. We can throw them away or, even better, donate them if they are in good condition.
  2. Separate the clothes by seasons: on the one hand, those for summer and, on the other, those for winter.
  3. Organize the drawers according to the type of clothing: beyond the above, we must dedicate a drawer to underwear, another to sheets and duvet covers, etc. It is important not to mix to preserve order.
  4. Use drawer dividers: if we do not have enough of one type of clothing to fill a drawer, these accessories are ideal for dividing them.
  5. Sort by colors: another complementary option to the previous ones, but that requires more time.
  6. Place the garments in a row, not piled up: for this, it is best to roll them up. It has been proven that this way they take up less space and wrinkle less inside the chest of drawers.

What should go on top of a chest of drawers?

To give it an elegant and personalized touch to the upper part of the furniture, we can use all these elements:

How to make my room look bigger?

This is a question that we have come across regularly among the opinions on dressers analyzed for this review. Here are some tricks to make the bedroom appear bigger:

  1. Paint the walls white or a light shade. The same can be said regarding the choice of tiles, carpet or parquet for the floor.
  2. Place a mirror on the ceiling and several on the walls.
  3. Separate the furniture from the wall to create a greater sensation of depth.
  4. Choose textile elements and decorations with straight horizontal lines.
  5. Do not overload the room with furniture or decorative elements.
  6. Select colors that create harmony with each other.
  7. Place rugs of different colors to define spaces within the room.
  8. Let as much natural light as possible through the windows, keeping them clear during the day.
  9. Do not put up opaque curtains or that let in little light and keep the blinds up.
  10. Leave the legs of the bed visible.

Which chest of drawers should I choose?

For style, functionality and value for money, these are the preferred brands of users within this comparison of chests of drawers:

  1. Dogar: the recommended option for those looking for an offer on classic and simple melamine chests of drawers that stand out for their functionality. Most of their creations are white and very versatile.
  2. VS Venta-Stock: a good alternative for those who prefer to put a rustic chest of drawers in their bedroom with a stripped effect and that goes beyond conventional standards .
  3. IKAYAA: the most innovative option. He specializes in the design of tall and narrow chests of drawers that are reminiscent of the aesthetics of symphoniers and that have a rather peculiar distribution of drawers.

Bearing in mind what we have just told you here and also considering the decorative style of your home, your tastes and your needs, we are sure that it will not be difficult for you to buy the best chest of drawers for your bedroom.

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