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The Civil Guard diver who saved a baby from dying in Ceuta: "I didn't know if I was alive"

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Juan Francisco, an agent of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard (Geas) for Ceuta, and has saved a baby drowned to a baby who had fallen into the water during this Tuesday on a day in which the crisis was exacerbatedMigratory between Spain and Morocco.The rescued baby, just two months of age, is fortunately in good condition, just like his mother.

This member of the Civil Guard said Wednesday that "he did not know if he was alive" the baby when he managed to rescue him."I thought it was clothes, but when I saw the head I went for him," he said in an interview in the Antena 3 Public Espejo program, where he has stated that both he and his partner Braulio were very attentive to save the most peoplevulnerable that were not going to be able to stay afloat in the water and there were many fathers and mothers with their children as they could.

"They were thrown behind their backs with fabrics and clothes," he said."They went with toy floats, with empty bottles, so it was...Some wore vests like a bad cork, "he added.

El submarinista de la Guardia Civil que salvó a un bebé de morir ahogado en Ceuta:

Juan Francisco has commented in another interview in the Cope chain that saw the mother with the baby behind their backs and threw themselves into the rescue to the rescue."We took the baby, I was frozen, cold, I didn't gesture..."He has confessed."It has been a bit traumatic," said the Civil Guard, which has lamented the death of a person who could not see in time due to the avalanche of migrants who threw themselves into the water.

The diver has recognized that both he and his companions are "very accelerated" because they have been in which they have not stopped.

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