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The Kawasaki Z900rs is the same Z with a classic flavor, but with an extra spicy

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We are in full summer and the news of 2022 are beginning to move. The best to give a little life to the month of August, and Kawasaki joins the party with the Kawasaki Z900rs SE.

Taking as a starting point the delicious Z 900 rs, this Special Edition arrives three years after its birth with a reviewed proposal, better equipped and with a special edition to give a push to the model's commercial life cycle.

Kawasaki Z900rs SE: Black and gold

After making us drill with its arrival to the market, the Kawasaki Z900rs will receive its first update in the form of a special edition with the Z 900 RS the same proposal is maintained: modern technology with retro image.

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La Kawasaki Z900RS SE es la misma Z con sabor clásico, pero con un extra de picante

What they propose from Akashi for next year is an update with an extra spicy.To begin with, the Kawasaki Z900rs opens an unpublished decoration that combines black and yellow paint in its body, while other details such as the engine covers are dyed black, the bottles of the golds of gold and the icing on the cake put itThe tires, also in gold.

This decoration is inspired by the Kawasaki Z1 in which the Z 900 RS was inspired.A motorcycle born in 1972 and whose aesthetics remains today.

At the cycle part level we also find improvements, such as a Öhlins S46 rear monkey with its characteristic yellow color and that includes a remote regulation knob for preload.The front fork remains the same unit of 41 mm in diameter, but has set a little harder.

There are even more news on the previous train since the front brake tweezers are now a m4.32 of four piston and radial anchor that combine with the same Nissin radial pump that was already equipped before.

No changes are announced for the mechanical section, so the same four -cylinder block will continue to be used with 948 CC, 111 hp and 98.5 nm of torque.Nor is there a technological review, maintaining two -level traction control and the ABS signed by Nissin.

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What we don't know is still if this Kawasaki Z900rs is going to get to Spain.Yes, they will bring it to Europe because the United Kingdom has confirmed its landing, but at the moment we will have to wait.

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