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The latest leisure, culture and gastro plans of the year (and beyond) to continue making the most of Christmas

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2021 has been a very long year. If you think about it, the 365 days have seemed at least twice as long or more. And we are not saying this only because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but because of everything that it has brought about, be it in family, social relations, events, work and others. But despite everything, fortunately we have been able to enjoy all kinds of plans both of leisure as well as culture and gastronomy that have made us very unbearable the second year of the virus. And seen what has been seen, unfortunately for now we are going to continue like this for a while longer. Let's hope it's as low as possible.

The truth is that although we don't like it, we continue with this plan to end December, with new proposals and ideas for the remaining days of the year and the first days of 2022. And of course we have signed them up and we share them with you so that you too finish filling in the agendas and get ready to stay active.

Los últimos planes de ocio, cultura y gastro del año (y más allá) para seguir sacando partido a la Navidad

This week we are talking about the book "Eat to Eat the World" by María Kindelán, which is going to help us perform to the best of our ability; We anticipate without spoiling the new movie that promises to destroy "100 Days with Tata" by Miguel Ángel Muñoz; We are talking about the hamburger "for kids" that will delight them; we have a couple of plans in the heights so that the phrase "From Madrid to heaven" makes sense; We reveal the top luxury menu you can order for New Year's Eve at home (yes, it's the Four Seasons Madrid); and there is even a digital solidarity market that you cannot miss.


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