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The Paraguay Nation is about to have the first team to sterilize donated fabrics

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In August, the Fabric Bank of the National Center for Burns and Reconstructive Surges (CENQUER) fulfilled its first anniversary with excellent news: the important advance of the efforts for the incorporation of a fabric irradiator with the next arrival from Vienna, Austria, Austria,of a mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (OIEA).

The representatives of the agency will evaluate the structural needs for the installation of the equipment in this specialized service of the Ministry of Health and will do so between September 10 and 11.

In this regard, the DR.Bruno Balmelli, director of CENQUER, said that through the Minister of the Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN), Mario Gutiérrez, the approach with the OIEA was given, which was requested support for the incorporation of the tissue irradiator, which would beThe first in the country.


Regarding the use of biological dressings, this generates benefits in the treatment of burned patients, mostly, and especially in cases where there is skin loss.They mentioned that these procedures are part of the tissue bank portfolio.

La Nación Paraguay está a punto de contar con el primer equipo para esterilizar tejidos donados

In its first year of operation, the tissue bank had significant growth in the procurement of different tissues for these procedures (amniotic membrane, bones, cartilage, tendons, etc..), through a current agreement with the Social Security Institute (IPS) and the joint work with other hospitals, such as San Pablo, Loma Pytã and National of Itauguá.

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"The growth of the fabric bank was exponential, to the point that by the end of the year we hope to receive two new freezers, with storage capacity at less than 70 degrees, acquired via national public tender," said Balmelli.

He also explained that in a daily basis, the amniotic membrane is used as transitory coverage of burns, especially in children and in patients with difficult wounds, not only in the CENQUER, but also in other hospitals, more than the bone tissue.

“The tissues go through a sterilization process and a time in which they are studied bacteriologically to know that they are not contaminated, and thus use them in transplants.With the irradiator, time is shortened.When passing through this team, the tissues are sterilized, which provides greater security in the process for transplantation, ”he emphasized.

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He also stressed that having the irradiator, in the bank's service portfolio, the cadaveric skin can be incorporated, which is used as transitory coverage, mainly in burned patients, in whom the skin transplant is imperative to save its life."For the use of this skin, you must go through an irradiation process," said Balmelli.

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