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The second -hand market experiences an authentic 'boom' from the pandemic

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The boredom during the confinement made every neighbor's son implement the Konmari method of the famous Japanese guru of order Marie Kondo.But, instead of throwing everything that the Spaniards found unusable in the drawers of their cabinets, the greatest environmental awareness, added to the rise of electronic commerce, offered them the possibility of reselling it.

According to data from the report on evolution and trends in consumption habits, made in Spain by Adevinta digital pulse, almost half of the population (45%) sells online and three out of 10 (28%) asserts thatIts income increased more than 50 euros per month since the pandemic began thanks to placing its used items, seven points above that before March 2020.

This trend is explained by various factors, analyzes Magalí Rey, director of Marketing of Milanuncios.Pandemia has brought new consumption habits, more responsible and digital than ever.So much time at home has created the need to disconnect and rest in an atmosphere of total calm and tranquility, without junk that disturbs us and occupy space.And in an economic crisis, it never hurts an extra income."Confinement caused a change in the habits of Spaniards.Many people who until then had not used new technologies, suddenly, had to do so.Given this scenario, online purchases were not alien and many lost that fear of electronic commerce that had not tried until then, so potential users multiplied ".

This is the case of Mercedes Corrales, who asked his son helping to download the French application Vinned and put on sale all those clothes that no longer came good for a change of size that he hopes not to recover."I have sold blouses that cost me quite expensive for five euros, but less gives a stone and libero space.For me it is very comfortable, because you send it, you send it and comfortably receive money in your account ".

El mercado de segunda mano experimenta un auténtico 'boom' desde la pandemia

Without the need for French translator, Patricia Luengo also sells in the Spanish Wallapop: "As geolocalizes, you don't have to go far to keep the buyer, who gives you the money in hand without sending it.Most of what I have sold have been to nearby neighbors.I have even had some exchange of things I needed, "he says.An improvised business on platforms that proliferate like mushrooms: Chicfy, known for its catchy advertisement since 2016, Bike, aimed at cycling -related products, and even Facebook Market Place, a tool within the Facebook social network for resale.

Energy savings

In this economization, the resources that the planet eludes in this type of transactions between apps users must not be disguised.King puts a graphic example with a pair of second -hand ankle boots: "We avoid the environment of 26 kilos of carbon dioxide associated with the extraction of materials for production and elongate the life of this object, which no longer has todiscard and, therefore, manage as one more residue ".

73% of Spaniards believe that, in the long term, the climatic crisis will be as important as that of COVID-19, it follows from a study prepared by Wallapop.Not surprisingly, the second -hand market saved both carbon dioxide and leave Madrid without traffic for seven months.

This is confirmed by the results of the environmental effect of the second hand 2020, developed by Milanuncios in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Research of Sweden (IVL) and the consultant specializing in the Environment Ethos International.

The document also reveals that the Spaniards save 1.2 million tons to the environment in 2020 with this type of exchanges.They are already reduced to that vintage market article difficult to find anywhere else.By sectors, those of motor, home and garden, computer science, telephony and bicycles are the ones that have most helped reduce emissions."It is an option that gives autonomy and savings," Magalí Rey Zanja.

The simplest and fastest transactions have expedited a process in which the users themselves evaluate their vendors, from the ease of treatment to whether the product coincides with the description or if the packaging protects enough the article.So that deceptions are reduced.You do not throw it, see it passes from repudiated phenomenon for decades to boost sustainable consciousness.

Reusable mode

According to the criteria of

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