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These are the products that are triumphing in the supermarket and that will leave your sofa like new

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And for our sofa to be as the first day, and it lasts for years and years impeccable, we present the best products (which adapt to all types of fabrics) to clean this furniture easily and quickly and quickly.

Tricks to remove stains on the couch

  1. Aspira el sofá para eliminar polvo y ácaros.
  2. Mezcla jabón con agua y limpia la mancha con movimientos circulares.
  3. En el caso de las más difíciles, utiliza productos específicos.
  4. Utiliza un cepillo de cerdas blancas para aspirar el sofá. Es importante frotar con suavidad para no desgastar la tela.
  5. No utilices toallitas, detergente o abrillantadores.
  6. Si el sofá es de piel, utiliza un paño, crema hidratante y un producto para este tipo de tejido.

Quitamanchas aspirator: Bissell 1558n

BISSELL 1558N hand cleaner for spots and carpets.


This professional chitamancha vacuum allows you to eliminate stains and lamps of carabons, carpets, upholstery and, of course, sofas.In addition, he is also thinking to use inside the car.

With a powerful 750 w engine you can say ‘goodbye’ to spots quickly and hardly effort.It has deposits that will facilitate a full capacity and emptying of great capacity, causing you to fill it with water less frequently.

Water capacity is 2.9 liters and dirt, 3.5 liters.

Estos son los productos que están triunfando en el supermercado y que dejarán tu sofá como nuevo

The integrated hose, 1.5 meters, will reach you anywhere and at any time.Its light and compact design allows its storage in small spaces.

Steam: Comforday

Hand steam cleaner.


This steam cleaner has a powerful 900-1050 W engine, which is quickly heated in 3-4 minutes for high pressure cleaning.

It comes with 12 pieces such as an elongated nozzle, curved sprinkler, funnel or measuring cup.

It offers in depth cleaning and elimination of fat, interior and exterior spots.

Disinfects carpets, beds, mattresses, linen, dams of comforters, the sofa fabric and gently eliminates the wrinkles of the shirts, the pants, the costumes and the delicate tissues.The best partner in your daily cleaning!

Quitapelos: Aoguerbe



This removal has a solid design that, with the static electricity created by short and fast -round trip movements, captures all the hair and fluff of your pets.

It is very light, so you can take this model wherever you want.This roller is for all types of surfaces, sofas, carpets, clothing, beds, pet houses or animal hair in the car.

In addition, the ABS has a good quality, which makes it very resistant and resistant at the same time, it has a better cleaning capacity than other fluff rollers.

Eliminating sofa stains is easy with a specific vacuum cleaner and product.

Disinfectant: sanytol

Sanytol, textile disinfectant.


Textile disinfectant sanytol without bleach eliminates 99.9% of germs such as bacteria, wrapped viruses and fungi, even in cold water.

It is ideal for underwear, sportswear, babies and children, home textiles, such as sofas, clothing in contact with sick people, delicate clothes that cannot be washed at high temperatures and washable textiles in contact with pets.

Sanytol is suitable for all types of tissues and colors.

Antimancha spray: HG

Extrafuerte antimanchas spray.


This extrafuerte spray even eliminates the most difficult spots, such as wine, coffee, chocolate, salsa, lipsticks or fruits juice.

It is reinforced with active oxygen so that the process is faster and faster.

The manufacturer indicates that it is for practically all types of tissues.

The use is very simple: completely spray the surface and let the product penetrate for a few minutes.Clean the stain with a clean cloth.

Perfect for all types of spots!

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