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They invite to donate clothes and toys |Newspaper el 5inco

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Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- The Civil Association gives and building invites the community to participate in the collection of toys, clothing, shoes and food to give to needy families.

The vice president of this association, Lupita Franco, says that in recent days the number of people who attend the dining room in the Azteca neighborhood second stage has increased in the second stage.

"These are difficult times in which we have to help, many families where children say 'already comes Christmas and I will touch me'".

But not only the number of children has increased, but also that of elderly people and unemployed family leaders.

"Here are coming from Monday to Friday 50 people to whom food is provided, in addition another 50 are served in the rolling dining room, they are homeless people, in drug addiction or sick".

Invitan a donar ropa y juguetes  | Periódico El 5inco

Following the pandemic, the demand in the service of the dining room that provides free.

"We thank those who have supported us to do this possible, but in the last 15 days we are battling for lack of resources.".

The dining room attends orphans who live with their grandparents, mothers and single parents with several children, the elderly who need to be fed ”.

Pastor Lupita Franco said they are inviting the community to join this noble cause.

"If you have toys in good condition, clothes and shoes that say 'I don't need them anymore.'.Diapers, products such as rice, beans, with which we can make a pantry to give families this Christmas, call us and we go to home ”.

In January 2020 the dining room began to give and build;Despite the pandemic they do not rest on helping people in need of Ciudad Victoria.

"Now as you cannot have them in the dining room for the new rules, they come to collect food, breakfast and food, they make a row, there are many people".

In addition to the donations of toys, shoes and foods you can also make cash deposits from 50 pesos or whatever will to the Bank account number 4159 1604 6306 3132.

If they cannot take their donations to the dining room located on Jaumave Calle corner, Azteca second stage, they can call 834 254 8240 and they will go.

"We want to invest in this dining room, in this great work where the greatest gratification are the smiles of these children or the tears of a person who knows how to thank".

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