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We present the best and worse detergents to wash your clothes

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(News).- A consumer study has revealed which are the best and worse liquid detergents, something that could definitely make it possible to make a decision when going to the supermarket.

It can be overwhelming to go through the hall of detergents and see so many options, especially when most share similar details in their presentation, which can end up confusing us and not choosing the best option.

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That is why Consumer Reports decided to make a detailed study that gave as results five of the best options we can get and two of which you must get away, even if they are economical.

Some people consulted by the publication ensure that they only buy what they see for sale, but for others some details are very important, especially the smell of detergent.

In general, the study revealed that not even the best detergents can completely eliminate certain stains.But they have received an excellent rating in reference to eliminating body oil and common spots.

And the worst detergents are barely better than water to eliminate most spots.

Te presentamos los mejores y peores detergentes para lavar tu ropa

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Then a list of the top five, in alphabetical order, and the two worst:

1.-Kirkland Signature (Costco) Ultra Clean Free & Clear

Approximate cost of $ two3.

It is the best option to wash babies clothes. La mayoría de los principales fabricantes dicen que sus fórmulas hipoalergénicas no contienen colorantes ni perfumes, y Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Free & Clear lleva esa afirmación.It obtains a very good rating in the elimination of dirt spots and is one of the less expensive hypoallergenic detergents, an important detail taking into account all the clothes that a baby dirty.

two.- (Sam's Club) Ultimate Clean

The best price.It is almost half of the price per load of detergents with the highest tide score and Persil.Obtains an excellent rating in the elimination of dirt spots.But it does not have the same result when it comes to grass spots and other types such as red wine, so consider what types of spots you have to face normally.

3.-Persil Lanan Power-Liquid Sensitive Skin

Costo aproximado de 1two dólares.

The best detergent for sensitive skin.This detergent has an excellent rating in the elimination of body oil, such as the ring around the neck.But be careful: the detergents that are supposed to be free of dyes and perfumes can still have some aroma of the chemicals used to prepare the formula.

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4.-Persil ProClean Power-Liquid two en 1

Costo aproximado de twotwo dólares.

It is one of two, of those that were tested, of those that eliminate better than others the most difficult spots, such as red wine, chocolate, blood and tea.

5.-Tide Plus Ultra Stain Release

Approximate cost of $ 13.

There is a wide variety of tide detergents, but this option had excellent results in eliminating grass spots, dirt and body oil.

6.- Sun Triple Clean

Approximate cost of $ 5.

This detergent costs less than any other of those who were qualified, and it is also the worst.Obtained the worst rating of 41 detergents evaluated.Henkel creates this economic brand, but cannot match Persil's power, Henkel's main brand.

7.-Xtra Plus oxxicle

Approximate cost of $ 8.

It is another of the cheapest detergents that was tested, and it is definitely better to spend a little more.This detergent fought to clean even common spots, so it is not rival for the most resistant spots.

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