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What are the best valuted vintage toys in the online market: Did you keep any?

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If you kept any of your childhood toys you can earn a lot of money in perfect condition.And in dollars.This report detailed the best quoted pieces in the online market-especially on the purchase-sale pages-.PlayMobil, the action figures of Star Wars and the autograph book of "Where The Wild Things Are", of what is most sought and what is best paid.

1.Happy Box Toys

Original average price: free (with the purchase of a happy box) could be sold for: $ 100

McDonald’s eliminated the happy box of its economic menu, increasing its price at $ 3.99 In most restaurants.The oldest toys that came with the happy box are increasing their value.These toys are easily sold for $ 100 on eBay, some for much more.A complete "mcfurbys" game was placed for sale for $ 899.


Original average price: $ 12.89 (new) could be sold for: $ 1twenty (old)

An advertising recorded at Ravinia Elementary School in Highland Park, Illinois, United States, popularized this toy in 1990.The commercial appeared during children's programs.The children had to have it when they saw the device circling around the other children's ankles.

There are still some skip-IT available for sale, but they definitely lost some of their great factor with today's children (the iPad are the new fashion article).However, collectors could buy your old skip-IT for $ 1twenty on eBay.However, if it is in its original packaging it could be more valuable.

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Original average price: $ 9.97 Selling for: $ 130-fifteen0

Making colorful and brightly illuminated designs with a Lite Brito was magical and relaxing.Time magazine called it one of the best 100 toys of all time, due to the continuous popularity of the toy since it came out in 1967.

If it is an old game that is still in its box, you could sell it for around $ 130 or $ fifteen0.Lite Brite still sells retail stores like Best Buy, but of course the new versions would not be worth so much.

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4.Moon Shoes

Original average price: $ 37.52 (new) could be sold for: $ twenty0 (old)

They are shoes with incorporated springboard that mimic what creators think they feel walking on the moon.It is not possible to confirm the accuracy of the effect, but in any case they are fun.

They were presented for the first time in the 50s and succeeded until 90.An old couple can be sold for a couple of hundreds of dollars on eBay.Moon Shoes in impeccable conditions and in its original packaging they will give you more money.

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5.View Master

Original average price: $ 12.50 (new) could be sold for: $ 430 (old)

This toy was first presented in 1939.Children (and adults) could see through the device that emulated some binoculars to see photos and other images.The pile of reels that could be purchased for the view master were full of tourist attractions and travel images.

TheView Master had several uses, but its contemporary design was aimed at children.They have also used it for Disneyland walks, television programs and some blockbusters such as Jurassic Park and E.T.the alien.TheView Master has improved versions but its old version is the one that is best traded.

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6.Strawberry Shortcake dolls

Original average price: $ twenty (new) could be sold for: $ 550 (old)

Strawberry Shortcake is the six -year -old little redhead protagonist of El Mundo de Strawberry Shortcake.The character was originally presented in 1979 and created by Muriel Fahrion.Strawberry continued to inspire television programs, movies, toys, merchandise and more.The Canadian company DHX Media now owns the entire franchise.

Currently on eBay, there is an old character of Strawberry Shortcake character, Banana Twirl, for sale for $ 550.

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A Strawberry Shortcake doll game with a plum puddin plum ’with Berrykin was on sale on EBAY for $ 500.Other characters should also be sold by far, as long as they are old and are in their original packaging.

7.Super Soaker

Original average price: $ 10-50 can be sold for: $ 600

This toy water gun works using hand compressed air to throw water to your friends, mom, dad, neighbors, etc..During the summer, it was the most coveted object by children.Its popularity generated more than 1 billion dollars in total sales.

The Monster XL and the original model, theSuper Soaker 50, were very sought after on EBAY in twentyfifteen.Today the demand could be different for the particular super Soaker.If you sell the appropriate water gun at the right time, a large amount of money could be pocketed.

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8.Toy Story toys

Original average price: $ 30 (new) could be sold for: $ 700 (old)

If you are like most millennial, you grew up seeing Toy Story and you probably have some of the toys in their boxes in Mom's house or you would be willing to pay a good amount to recover a piece of your childhood.Some of the main characters will be sold for a couple of hundreds of dollars: Buzz is sold for $ 550 and Woody for $ 580.

Secondary characters could actually be sold for more.For example one of the villains, Stinky Pete: the character's action figure can be sold for $ 700.If you have any of the annoying extraterrestrial characters of the machine with crane, those could be sold for $ 690.

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9.Nintendo 64 games

Original average price: $ 59.99 could be sold for: $ 750

Cuáles son los juguetes vintage mejor valuados en el mercado online: ¿conservaste alguno?

That's only if you have the right games.One of the most ordered cartridges is that of Mario Kart 64.One in impeccable conditions - with its unopened box - can give you up to $ 750.A rare one that will give you even more money is that of Harvest Moon 64.

It is an agriculture game that never produced in large quantities.Apparently, people of that time did not like agriculture games.But now its value amounts to $ 900.

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10.Jurassic Park toys

Original average price: $ 26.99 (new) could sell for: $ 900 (old)

Jurassic Park was a boxing movie that still has loyal followers.After the movie, the merchandise - relatives, caps, cups and toys arrived.Dinosaur action figures quickly filled children's toys boxes, and now they are worth a good ticket for collectors.

Its new version of twentyfifteen became extremely profitable, perhaps adding value to the old action figures in its original packaging.A rex tyrannosaur of series one of Jurassic Park Lost World was sold on EBAY for $ 900.

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Original average price: $ 35 can be sold for: $ 900

If it was lost in a box after a move, you grew up and kept it by affection;It's time to know that your furby could be sold for $ 900.

The annoying hairy bug became an "essential" article for the children of the 90s, for the misery of their parents who were forced to listen to their voice.To bring good tickets today,Furby has to be in its original box.

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12.My Little Pony dolls

Original average price: $ 13 (new) could be sold for: $ 900 (old)

There is surprising statistics: fifteen0 million toys from My Little Pony (my little pony) in the United States during the 80s were sold.They were thrown into the market in 1982 and the franchise captured the hearts and minds of the followers with their colorful ponys.Currently, fans are still increasing and the company is still creating new versions.

However, the ancients are the ones who bring more money.Those with the highest quality in hair, and clearly visible brands and symbols can be sold by much.However, the ones that are most worth those of the mail that were exchanged with "Poni Points" and the "Flamers" (those who have wings).

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Original average price: Free can be sold for: $ 1,000

The cups were round cardboard figurines that came in the bags of some snacks, dairy and sweets.The boys and girls collected them and even battles were disputed in which the opponent's short bugs could be won.Some could be sold for $ 1,000, although it is only if you have the complete game of Marilyn Monroe that came with the purchase of halleyla dairy products in Maui, Hawaii.Its rarity increased its value and possibly also the attractiveness of the blonde star.

If you have the full game of Jurassic Park, it could may be worth more than $ 1,000.A complete game of movie tazos of the movies, which includes six holographic cups, cost 1 million dollars!The most normal games can give you at least $ 100.

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14.Game boy

Original average price: $ 89.99 could sell for: $ 750-1,500

The most valuable toys are the old, even if they are not as old, like the game boy.Created in 1989,Game boy became a very popular portable console.If you are a 90th child, you are likely to have one at home.

How much money can you resort?Surprisingly, very much: an original game boy can give you up to more than a thousand dollars on eBay.Do you have a Gold GoldGame boy or embedded with diamonds?In that case you have about $ 25,000 in your hands.

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fifteen.Power Rangers action figures

Original average price: $ twenty (new) could be sold for: $ 1,400 (old)

The television program and toys had a huge impact on children in the United States: about 350 million dollars were sold in Power Rangers toys in 1994.Also from Latin America the series was rage and the sale of products, millionaire.

The franchise was still firm in 1998 with around twenty0 million dollars in sales.There are not many Power Rangers toys that can be shown by a lot of money unless they are a special edition.Recently, a Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Deluxe Gold Galaxy Megazord Figure on Ebay for $ 1,400 was sold for $ 1,400.

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16.Skeletor action figure

Original average price: $ 4.99 (price of a he-man toy in 1982) could be sold for: $ 1,600

All or boy or girl who grew up in the 80s near a TV hooked with He-Man and for every birthday one of the wishes before blowing the candles was a series doll.The Masters of the Universe Franchise (the masters of the universe) that came out in 1982 was responsible for marketing the action figures.And although everyone loved the protagonist, it is actually his Skeletor Archionemigo who is worth a lot of money in the present.

Conservative collectors are willing to spend $ 1,650 for a Skeletor action figure.As with most toys in the Game of the Recent.

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17.Teddy Ruxpin

Original average price: $ fifteen9 may sell for: $ 1,640

This adorable teddy bear reached the market in 1985 to read children before sleeping with pre -recorded cassettes.Mom and dad could only placeTeddy Ruxpin if they were very busy to spend time with their children.The bear I read was very little time for sale.

They took him out of the market in 1987.Maybe it was for its price?The original Teddy Raxpin had an equivalent value to $ fifteen9.When they replaced it in twenty17, he quickly turned the “essential” toy for the festivities.An original Teddy Raxpin of 1985 is the type of toy that will get a lot of money on eBay.

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18.Polly Pocket

Original average price: $ 14.99 (new) could sell for: $ 1,926 (old)

These tiny doll games were popular in the 80s and 90s.There were several scenarios with multiple characters that were inside a small box that could emulate a heart, a musical box or a travel downed.If you managed to follow the trail to each piece of yourPolly Pocket game, you could manage to sell it for a fortune.

Sales websites like eBay are the best to sellPolly Pocket.For example, aPolly Pocket Sparkle Surprise game is valued at $ 449.99.If you have a complete version of one of the largest castles games, you may manage to sell it for $ 1,926.

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19.Transformers action figures

Original average price: $ twenty could be sold for: $ 2,000

The Transformers first came out in the year 80.The value of the franchise's action figures has been shot since then, especially that of the very popular hero optimus prime.They still sell transformers in places like Target or Walmart, but only old men are worth a lot.

An Optimus Prime's old action figure in its unopened original box was sold on eBay for $ 2,000.That is basically 100 times its original price!Although this could be difficult to get there - most children with Optimus action figures played with them mercilessly.

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Original average price: $ 18- $ 26 (price of 1990) could be sold for: $ 1,999- $ 2,322

In recent years, this toy has become an obsession of worship for adults, although it has originally been created for children.Ancient games have catapulted in popularity due to the wide range of games and unique characters of toys.

A large collection of old playmobil was on eBay at about $ 1,999.And it is not crazy to ask for that price: figurines have been sold in their original boxes for $ 2,322.You could sell them on eBay or Etsy without the original packaging, but for lower prices.

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twenty-one.Lego trains

Original average price: $ fifteen9.99 (new) could be sold for: $ 1,500- $ 3,000 (old)

Lego arrived at the toy stores for the first time in 1949, capturing the imagination of the children and even developing in attraction parks.Lego's train was one of the most coveted toys: children could not only build small scenes, but they could also have an electric train that circulated in them.

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There are many varieties within the categories of electric trains of Lego, such as the High Speed City Express Trains, 1985 and the Diesel Freight Trains.Those models in their unopened original boxes could be sold between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000.

22.Cabbage Patch Kids

Original average price: $ 24.99 could be sold for: $ 3,000

The soft babies with round faces registered their brand in the United States for the first time in 1978 and exploded in popularity.Laurie Anderson Dowell toy collector clarifies: “One did not buy a Cabbage Patch doll, one adopted it.That's why you were paying an adoption rate ".

Many boys and girls begged their parents for a Cabbage Patch Kid doll (the translation would be a pimpollo doll) for Christmas.They still covet rare dolls, but today they are worth much more.For example, a 1985 Cabbage Patch James doll could be sold for $ 3,000 and a Little People Blonde Girl doll could get to give you $ 2,000.

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Original average price: $ 17.99 could be sold for: $ 3,000

TheTamagotchi were the nightmare of the life of many parents and playing more desired by girls and boys.Virtual hand pets required constant care and care (which often fell to parents) only to stay alive.An involuntary training?For the subsequent use of smartphones).

Like most 90's trends, this toy returned.They even saw world celebrities like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom with oldTamagotchis accessories in their red carpet clothes.An originalTamagotchi in its unopened box can quote up to $ 3,000.

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24.Easy-Bake Oven

Original average price: $ 10.97 Selling for: $ 4,000

Virtually all boys and girls begged them to buy anEasy-Bake Oven when it went on the market just before Christmas 1963.They did it to the model of the kitchens of the 60s, in a yellow or turquoise color that was fashionable at that time.If by chance you kept one could be sold at $ 4,000.

His heavy value may have to do with how popular the toy became.It is even part of the national toys hall.

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25.Garbage Pail Kids (Basuritas)

Original average price: $ 0.25 per package can be sold for: $ 4,000

For all young people out there: theGarbage Pail Kids (Basuritas) were collectible adhesive letters that became popular for the first time in the 80s.They had children's characters with horrible abnormalities or destinations, counted comically, with words and drawings of an unusual political incorrection for the time.

They prohibited cards in schools, since they considered them “distractions.”Any letter could be valuable today, especially a very rare letter: a man sold the strange Adam Bomba letter on eBay for $ 4,000.It is speculated that it is because Adam Bomb was the most iconic in the series.Less scarce card games can bring a few dollars.

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26.Boba Fett action figure

Original average price: $ 24.99 (new) could be sold for: $ 5,000 (old)

This Boba Fett action figure was a mail promotion, announcing a missile leaving its bag, however it was considered dangerous and the version never officially left the vent.Anyway, some leaked and arrived on the market.

If you have the action figure of the Star Wars villain in impeccable conditions in its unopened box, it may be sold at about $ 5,000.Unopened Boba Fett toys can also quote high.

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27.Beanie Babies

Original average price: $ 5.00 could be sold for: $ 5,000

You can resell someBeanie Babies for more than others, but there is one that is the most coveted of all ... there have only been 2,000Beanie Babies created by Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant (Peanut, the real blue elephant), so its value has increased toThe thousands.Some can be sold for $ 5,000.TheBeanie Babies with factory defects can also be sold for more than others.

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28.American Girl dolls

Original average price: $ 82 can be sold for: $ 5,000

We are sure that many parents hate being dragged to the American Girl store or having to leaf through catalogs to buy the many - and expensive - accessories.The glasses of glasses of the 50th, Molly McIntire, is particularly valuable due to its rarity.A molly in impeccable conditions could be sold for $ 5,000.

Molly is rare because wrist production stopped in twenty13, after 27 years in the market.Other discontinuated models such as Kirsten, Samantha and Felicity could bring a lot of money, especially if they were made by their original manufacturer, pleasant company.

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29.Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Original average price: $ 10.99 (new) could sell for: $ 6,500 (old)

Toys are not the only childhood articles that can be shown for a lot of money.Books also quote, especially if they are a copy of the first edition of the incredibly popular Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.Those can be sold for $ 6,500.

In general, first -edition copies of books are the most valuable.A first edition of the author's autographed novel, J.K.Rowling could be sold for about good $ fifteen,000.These books are especially valuable if their pages are in good condition.

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Original average price: $ 8.95 (new) could be sold for: $ 25,000 (old)

Before you run to sell your child's favorite book, check that it is the first 1963 self -ographer edition of WHERE The Wild Things Are.Such a copy was sold in twenty12 for $ 25,000 in Agubooks.com.In case of having a copy of the first edition in impeccable conditions without the autograph of Maurice Sendak, you could also get a good amount of dollars.

A safe collector will be interested since the book is very dear: for its 50 -year -old anniversary in twenty13, the book had sold twenty million copies worldwide.

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