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"When you are on vacation": Yamila Reyna delivered a fun advice to dry the clothes during the summer - on the court

By hollisterclothingoutlet 22/01/2023 90 Views

Yamila Reyna continues to remember her vacation, specifically to the beautiful island of Aruba.On this occasion, Diego's fiancee "Mono" Sánchez delivered a particular advice to dry clothes during summer and in Caribbean countries.

In her Instagram account, the former "Masterchef Celebrity" showed a fun video, where her garments are observed by turning in a roof fan, in order to dry after being washed.

"When you are on vacation in the Caribbean and you don't have how to dry clothes, what are you doing? Air system, my love.I am very homemade, "Yamila Reyna joked in the registry she shared on her Instagram account, a social network where more than 530 thousand followers gathers.

María Isabel Sobarzo and Cristina Tocco took more than a laugh with the hilarious video of her friend."Hahahaha, how good," said the participant of "Here is danced", comment to which he added three emojis of laughs.

"For your vacation.I know it is very bacán, I do not thank me, "were Yamila Reyna's words to end the particular and funny advice.

Look here the funny advice of Yamila Reyna

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