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20 beautiful and original pacifiers for the baby

By hollisterclothingoutlet 27/09/2022 580 Views

The pacifier satisfies the physiological need for the baby's suction, calming his crying, since he provides calm, peace and tranquility.And, although it is not an essential element, it can be useful for some babies, since it helps them find the dream, or relieve colic.

But when buying it, it is not enough only to go to the pharmacy or the store and it is already.There are countless options, depending on the material in which they have been manufactured, size or shape.

The physiological pacifier, for example, tends to present an asymmetric shape (with one ended end at the top and bottom in the lower one) in order to avoid the risk of deformation of the child's jaw.

The anatomical pacifie.For this reason it is also known as ergonomic pacifier, in the same way that occurs with bottles.

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Regarding the material in which they have been manufactured, there are also different options to choose.Transparent silicone pacifier tends to present less risk of allergy compared to rubber or latex.And it presents a series of very useful advantages, since it is more resistant and toilet or tasteless, being a synthetic material.The only disadvantage we find in this type is that it can be a bit more expensive.

Rubber is a soft and natural material, but that can detach some smell.In addition, it is usually less resistant to the passage of time.Hence it is advisable to change it every month, or as soon as we notice a small deterioration.

We can also mention other “extra” characteristics that include some specific bottles.Some models, for example, have ventilation holes in the neck area, which avoids the "suction cup" effect, minimizing the risk of irritation.

It is also possible to find night pacifiers with phosphorescent elements, useful to find it at night when it is lost between the sheets.And neither could we ignore the clip for pacifier, which facilitates grabbing it to the baby's clothes, without losing it.And if you want more products or gifts for your little one, review the best bottles, the best cribs, the best bath gels and soaps or the best gifts for a newborn.

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