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Ana María de Grecia and her two sisters, Queen Margarita of Denmark and Princess Benedict: a pineapple in European royalty that has resisted scandals and dramas and dramas

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It is the matriarchy of European royalty: three sisters whose birth forced to suppress the sallic law in their country, Denmark, so that the greatest could reign.King Federico IX of Denmark had waited, along with his wife, Queen Ingrid, until the last moment a child was born, but instead had three daughters: Margarita, the heiress, Benedicta and Ana María.They have an excellent relationship, full of complicity.They rely on family celebrations, spend vacations together and even Christmas.

Ana María de Grecia y sus dos hermanas, la reina Margarita de Dinamarca y la princesa Benedicta: una piña en la realeza europea que ha resistido escándalos y dramas

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