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BARTS W23 Infantil

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24 Jan 2022

Our new BARTS children's collection is designed to fill children's cabinets with tenderness. No matter what style they have, they will love the fresh and exciting new aspects of BARTS. Soft warm materials with new shapes and colors, our new collection comes with a wide range of designs that embrace the positivity, inclusiveness and particularity of each child's spirit. Welcome to a great winter season with Children's BARTS!

In each season, we create new styles for children who have many details, are high quality and easy to mix and combine. Urban patterns in stripes, strong colors and dyes will make fun continue during the coldest season.

BARTS W23 Infantil

For girls, our new collection features soft fabrics in pastel shades of pink and bright blue. Dyed patterns create a range of styles that adopt and encourage each girl to express her own identity. Each piece, designed to provide comfort and ease of movement, uses soft materials such as artificial skin and fleece to give more warmth and comfort. We use Jacquard techniques and ethnic patterns to create unique but easy-to-use styles, which they will love and do not want to take away from them.

And for the children, it's time to equip them for a new season! Children jump, climb, stumble. They try, eat and run into new experiences. Their audacity and daring generate the best memories and a much more interesting life. Essential winter clothing for children includes cool hats, space fabrics and classic designs in warm and warm vivid colors. With the range of soft materials and fun details, young children will not complain about the cold.

Like every year, BARTS designed a wide variety of warm and soft hats, scarves and gloves for babies as well.

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