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Cambrils: undertaking in the midst of the pandemic _

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They are not easy times for anyone.The pandemic that is lived worldwide, following the coronavirus, has affected the economies of the entire planet throughout the last fifteen months.Virtually no sector has escaped the temporary closures of companies and labor regulation files, which have been common during this period and remain in many cases.

But by unimaginable that seems also moments have emerged for opportunities, to carry out initiatives ever dream;To undertake, ultimately.In Cambrils several of those cases have appeared: a restaurant, a store specialized in all services surrounding cycotourism, a clothing and accessories store and another of children's garments are some examples.

The Carousel, dedicated to children's clothes, is one of the stores that has recently opened in Cambrils.Just four weeks ago he attended to his first client Vanessa Berrocal, a young 29 -year -old Cambrilense who is in charge of this business located in the Vila area of the municipality, at number 3 of the Avinguda Independencia.

Vanessa decided to take a radical turn after always dedicated to the hospitality industry.«As soon as I returned from the Canary Islands with my partner and my two children, 20 and 4 months, they confined us.And when I decided that I was going to work again, I was clear that in the hospitality it would hardly be possible to reconcile employment and family life, ”she explains.«I thought about opening my own business, but I had not decided exactly what.It was when I saw this place that I quickly visualized that it had to be a children's clothing store;We got to work with my partner to organize everything and here I am, ”he adds smiling.

At the moment he is very satisfied with how things are going.«In these four weeks we have worked quite well.We offer quality garments, with varied styles and within the reach of all pockets, and customers so far are responding, ”she says.

Although he had no experience in the sector - he worked promptly in a textile store at age 16 - Vanessa believes that the business location has been key to this good start of his project.

Cambrils: Emprender en plena pandemia | Diari de Tarragona

In that same area of Cambrils, in nearby streets, there are two other children's clothing stores.

Laura Moreno and Juan Sánchez share life and business.They lifted the blind of their new store, which define as much more than a bike store, on February 22, 2021. In normal circumstances they would have opened in April 2020, but the pandemic forced them to be closed and to postpone the inauguration for 10 monthslater.

Located at number 27 of Santa Joaquima de Vedruna street, they have turned the bass of their own home in the Rodabike Cycling Coffee, which is also a Bike Point.«Before we had a conventional store for sale, repair and rent in the port.But we saw that in Cambrils came cyclists from outside and decided to bet on this other business model that works for us.Now we offer more services, with a personalized treatment;We are also owners of the rental bikes and hotels partners, ”explains Laura.

Tastings can be made in the store and buy kilometer 0 products, read magazines and books specialized in cycling, wash bikes or receive the best tips on routes.

«We are also travel agency.We welcome all types of cyclists, but above all the cyclist, ”adds Laura, which has already thought of another service: when the Covid will allow it to open the premises to continue in groups due to TV stages of large laps such as the tour.

Paula de Frutos fulfilled his dream on May 19, 2020. Passionate about fashion and with experience in the sector, this 25 -year -old reuse opened his store The Paula closet right in the de -escalated pandemic.In just one year, she has managed to create a brand with two physical stores -Cambrils (Plaça de Catalunya) and reus- and a community of faithful clients who have fallen to her motto «And you, you still don't wear my closet?».

"It was like a dream to find the right time and place and so," he says.His intention was to open during Holy Week, but the Coronavirus disrupted his plans.«I was clear that I wanted the place in the port of Cambrils, because I love it.He had signed everything and in three days the pandemic arrives.For a moment I thought to back but it was my illusion and I was going to get it forward.

The balance is very positive.«I am very happy but it has been very difficult because it is evident that the conditions were not the best.I was not waiting for the impact I have had, ”says Paula, who defines her style as" different, colorful, printed, cheerful and striking. "She considers that her garments are not age and she has found on Instagram an essential tool, a "third store", where she accumulates almost 5,000 followers and shows the novelties."I have done many free shipping campaigns and promotions to encourage the business," she says.

His next goal is to design his own fashion collection and, in two or three years, open another store.

Ibán Jerez, Nil Ferran and Jordi Segura were clear that they had to offer something new in Cambrils when they considered opening a new restaurant in the gastronomic municipality par excellence of the Costa Daurada.His bet was the market kitchen to share, the seal that distinguishes L’Ensint, located at number 39 of Pau Casals del Port.

«I have been in the hospitality sector in Madrid for 30 years.And I am clear how the business has evolved.That is why this formula of sharing non -excessively large dishes would work that allows you to test various varieties without excessive account, ”explains Ibán Jerez, one of the owner partners.

Ibán did not notice what kind of restaurants in Cambrils when he met the municipality and decided to settle to open his own business, associating with Nil and Ferran.He adds that "the idea already had it clear, waiting to find and prepare the place," which opened doors on March 13, exactly one year after the pandemic broke out.

At the head of the stove is Gaspar Caparó, a young chef formed at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián.«We characterize ourselves by the products of zero and proximity kilometer, seasonal and by our cuisine in the grill.We like to be creative and give our own seal to the dishes, ”explains Caparó.

The letter has 26 references and in addition to meat and fish, rice also have special prominence.Like desserts, of enormous potential in the gastronomic experience offered by the premises.

The demand to hear in the dishes that leave the kitchen;The communication in social networks assumed by Marta (Ibán's partner) and the care of the entire team in the restaurant's operation are the keys for L’Ensint to have a very good reception.



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