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Come on, Terkos!'I'm not here' is nominated for the Goya 2021 and other notes to forget the Covid

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Este lunes tenemos para ti notas sobre la película mexicana Ya no estoy aquí, los primeros satélites en el espacio de Richard Branson, un perro y una cabra que son alcaldes, y más.¡Vamos, terkos! 'Ya no estoy aquí' es nominada a los Goya 2021 y otras notas para que te olvides del COVID ¡Vamos, terkos! 'Ya no estoy aquí' es nominada a los Goya 2021 y otras notas para que te olvides del COVID

I'm not here anymore for Goya for Best Ibero -American Film

The movie I'm no longer here, by Fernando Frías and distributed by Netflix will represent Mexico at the Goya 2021 awards, as reported by the Spanish Academy, which announced its nominations on Monday.

This Mexican film will also be the representative of our country to seek a nomination in the delivery of the Oscar awards.

It tells the story of Ulysses Samperio (starring the debutant Juan Daniel García Treviño) that develops during the apogee of the Kolombia countercultural movement, in Monterrey.

The film, filmed in real locations and with a cast of non -professional actors, addresses topics such as belonging and migration.

The cast is made up of Juan Daniel García, Angelina Chen, Jonathan Espinoza, Coral Puente, Tania Alvarado, Fanny Tovar, Luis Leonardo Zapata, Yahir Alday, Leonardo Garza, Yocelin Coronado and Deyanira Coronado Coronado.

The film swept the last delivery of the Ariel Awards of Mexican Cinema and was also awarded as the best Mexican feature film at the 2019 International Film Festival 2019.

DC Comics, Looney Tunes and Harry Potter arrive at Mercado Libre

Warner Bros launches its official store on the free market platform, where consumers can find products from DC Comics, Looney Tunes and Wizarding World brands.

Each store will be segmented in categories, including games and toys, clothing, personal care and beauty for the whole family.

The DC Comics store has a wide range of shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas and clothing to be at the home of characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman and Green Lantern.

¡Vamos, terkos! 'Ya no estoy aquí' es nominada a los Goya 2021 y otras notas para que te olvides del COVID

In addition, in beauty items, the WW84 makeup collection created by Revlon that includes lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, lipsticks and an incredible shadow palette is available.

Bunny Bugs, Lucas, Taz and Tweeth head the options available in the Looney Tunes store where you will find bermuda, sweatshirts, shirts, pants and shorts for the whole family.

In the space dedicated to Wizarding World there are options for sweatshirts and shirts of the Hogwarts uniform, Gryffindor and with special details of the saga.

Virgin Orbit de Branson sends his first satellites to space

Billionaire Richard Branson put his first satellites in space with the help of his orbital rocket system after a failed attempt in May 2020.

Virgin Orbit said that a Boeing 747 called 'Cosmic Girl' took off California on the company's launcher rocket, which was later launched and on before reaching the orbit successfully.Subsequently, he displayed his payload: nine miniature satellites known as Cubesats developed by NASA.

"Launcherone has completed its first mission to space," said the company on Instagram."Today's sequence for #launchdemo2 has passed as planned".

The successful launch will serve as impulse for the company and for Branson, who has seen how the Covid-19 pandemic hits strongly in its leisure and travel assets.Ultimately, the company plans to use rockets to put small satellites in space and compete with land releases such as Space Exploration Technologies of Elon Musk.

The 'baby Trump' will live in London as part of a protest collection

The enormous 'inflatable baby' will live beyond the presidency of the US president.

The London Museum reported Monday that it acquired the giant balloon that presents Donald Trump as a weeping baby as an illustration of the protests that received the US president when he visited the English capital in 2018.

The airship will be part of the Museum's protest collection, which includes artifacts of the movement for women's suffrage, of peace activists who opposed the Iraq war in the early 2000s, and more recent manifestations against cuts against the cutsof public spending.

The 'Trump baby' was designed by a group of friends who gathered in a London bar to discuss how they could pronounce against Trump's policies.What occurred to them was a huge balloon that caricatured him like a baby shouting in diapers, with a lock of blond hair and a cell phone in his hand.

The airship flew outside Parliament on July 13, 2018, when thousands of protesters took to the streets of London to protest Trump's visit.

"We hope that the baby's place in the museum serves as a reminder of when London won Trump, but to take those who see him examine how they can continue fighting against hate policy," creators said in a statement in a statement.

Dog and goat that serve as mayor raised money for a playground

A goat and a dog that were chosen mayors helped raise funds to renew a Vermont community recreation courtyard.

The strange idea of the elections of pet mayors to raise money to rehabilitate the recreation courtyard and help local children get involved civically came from a local city administrator.

In 2018, Fair have residents chose Lincoln La Cabra as their honorary mayor.Lincoln helped raise around 10,000 dollars while the current mayor, Murfee, a water dog of Cavalier King Charles, has raised $ 20,000, said city administrator Joe Gunter Al Rutland Herald.The city contributed another 20 thousand dollars.

The owner of Murfee, Linda Barker, said that when she was convinced that Murfee was involved in politics, she thought it would be easy to raise money through t -shirts.So the pandemic hit.

So changed to the masks.He has done almost a thousand of them and will make another round of them for Valentine's Day.She raised more than 5,000 dollars from the masks and a similar amount of basket raffles.

The city also recently received a subsidy of 50 thousand dollars from the Federal Fund for Land and Water Conservation, said.

Ironically, the Honorary Mayor is not welcome in the Patio de Recreo.Barker said there is a sign of "Do not allow dogs".

"Murfee is going to take care of that with the city," Barker said Sunday with a smile."He is going to challenge that".

With information from Bloomberg and AP

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