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Es uno de los productos más de moda en cosmética y cada vez está siendo más habitual en nuestra rutina de cuidados diarios.ACEITES COSMÉTICOS | El blog de Meritxell ACEITES COSMÉTICOS | El blog de Meritxell

They tell us about dry oils, oils that are used in the shower, bath oils, babies oils, bronze oils, capillaries, dismailing, therapeutics, anti-age and even massage oils.

Depending on where they are extracted, the aromas that are added, the mixture of several oils and other additive components, have different properties.

Oils as well as hydrate, nourish the skin.

The properties of each oil are defined according to its origin is extracted since in addition to lipids they contain different substances such as flavonoids, for example.

Many trademarks add several different oils in order to grant these properties and the use to which you want to be given.

They can also be added other components such as color, solar filter or natural aromas, among other components.

The oils are lipid, that is why they are natural that they leave a sense of nutrition and even some brightness of these components.

When they offer us a dry oil, the definition seems somewhat strange, since an oil seems incompatible but we know them in cosmetics as an oil that is quickly absorbed and does not leave much trace on the skin, just a slight shine.

It is quite common that they apply spray.

Some of these contain in its cycle-pile composition, this type of silicone evaporates very easily, which avoids leaving the trail at the end of the application.We will generally recognize them when we see the word cycle.

As oils, they are mainly lipids, in reality they cannot be absorbed by the skin, they remain on the outside of the skin, but they are vehicles of other substances.

Some oils, such as those used in babies, contain mineral oils.These oils are usually derived from oil and create a protective film, which prevents the absorption of natural oil assets, both vitamins and other nutrients.When we see components such as liquid paraffins or other silicones in oils, they will be much thicker and we will notice that they leave a movie on the skin.

My advice is that oils of organic origin are used.

Grape seed oil

It is extracted from grape seeds.It is very rich in antioxidants, beneficial for all types of skins, from dry to the most fatty, since it helps to regulate the natural balance of the skin.

It can be used to regulate the production of fat in skins with a tendency to fat even though it seems incongruous.

This high content in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E.

High content in Omega 6.

It can be used in psoriasis and eczema, since it has high antioxidant properties.

Help fight free radicals.

Contains flavonoids that can help decrease or avoid allergic reactions.

Having almost smell, it is very little irritating skin.

Astringent capacity, it can be used to clean and dismiss while moisturizing the skin.

It is ideal for offset and condition the eyelashes.


I made a post about this oil since the properties it provides are very important and the uses too.

- It has a high content of vitamin E and great anti -inflammatory capacity.

- It can be used for most uses and as the basis of other oils or mixing them.

- It has high content of omega 9 oleic acid and omega 6 (linoleic acid).

-Many people mention it as the cosmetic super-aceite.

- It is an oil that leaves little residue and is easily absorbed, great anti -aging capacity, giving a lot of elasticity to the skin.

- Increase skin oxidation and increase skin nutrition.

Mint oil

- It has astringent properties, prevents pores plugging, controls fat production.It can be used both in dried and fats.

- Because of its aromatic capacity, it can be used for headaches, muscle aches, joint disorders, itching and allergic eruptions.

- It serves as an antiseptic for small skin infections, so it can be used in dry skin and fats.Although being a very powerful oil, it is possible that the skin can irrit.

- It is highly activator of the musculature and revival, so it is usually added in oils that are applied in the morning and when exercising.

Carrot seed oil

ACEITES COSMÉTICOS | El blog de Meritxell

Carrots have important antioxidant actions, thanks to their high amount of beta-carotenes.

- Rich in vitamin A, C, E and K.

- It has a high content in TocoTrienol.

- Especially the oil extracted from the seeds of wild carrots, Daucus Carota.

- It is not the same as an infused oil or macerated with carrots.

- It can help reduce skin -dry and irritated skin.

-Even to protect the skin when there are pre-cancer lesions, exposed to too much sun.

- In nature, this oil has a golden-orange tone, so when applied it offers this color to the skin, and stimulates the formation of melanin and improves the natural tone of the skin.

- This oil is usually added is usually added to solar oils, also in creams and serum.It has sunscreen effect.

- It has an important anti -wrinkle action so it is currently one of the oils containing most cosmetics.


In Spain it is so common in food that we do not give as much importance as cosmetic, however, this oil can be a good moisturizer, with high nutrient content and fatty acids.

- It can be used as the basis of other treatments.

- High pressure cold extraction preferably as antioxidant properties are preserved.

Post on olive oil


It is the oil used by Caribbean women, to avoid dry skin of the sun, lips, hands and body, it is a soft oil that can also be used as a more powerful essential oil base.

This oil is very softening, extremely rich in lauric acid, a powerful omega that helps improve the immune system in the skin.

In its natural composition, it contains:

This oil is frequent, especially for hair, so women in these areas have long, black and hydrated hair.It is also effective when hair is fine when providing essential proteins necessary to heal spoiled hair.

Some studies give you properties in extremely dry scalp problems and dry dandruff.Protects equally from lice.

It is an excellent massage oil.

- As a preventive, in psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, skin infections.

- Preventive against aging and problems derived from oxidation.

- It is one of the most frequently used oils in cosmetics.

- It can also be used for shaving.

- Dry hands and feet.

Jojoba oil

This oil is extracted from a plant called Simmondsia Chinensis is original of the Sonora desert in the United States.It is one of my favorite oils although the price is quite high.

- It can be used as a moisturizer, to prevent irritated and reddened skin.

- It has great soothing capacity.

- Especially beneficial in dry skin and mature skins in which the sebaceous glands are more inactive.

- Extremely rich in vitamin E, which leaves elastic skin.

- Rich also in minerals and proteins which helps to regenerate new cells.

- Technically it is as if it were liquid wax extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant.

- The composition is similar to that of the natural secretion itself (Sebum itself) so it is quickly absorbed.

- It serves for all skin types and has a multitude of properties as natural moisturizers.

- As a cleaner, moisturizing and nutritious.

- It is usually used as an acne treatments and to improve insect bites.

Marula oil

This oil is used in Kenya's women for years to avoid dehydration.

- It is extracted from the fruits of the marula tree also called Sclerocraya Birrea.

- They call it the miraculous oil of Africa.

- It is also very rich in antioxidants specifically in oleic acid, one of the essential components to keep healthy skin.

- One of the most important characteristics of this oil is the high oxidative stability that its use in cosmetics is very useful and as a basis for aromatherapy.

- It helps improve the problem of free radicals, and improves the problem of solar damage.

- Ideal in irritated skin.

- It has high concentration of oleic acid, an essential fatty acid that our bodies naturally produce.

- High content in antioxidants, helps protect from solar rays, pollution and moisturizes better than a cream.

Granada oil

- As superfood, this oil also has a high level of antioxidants, so it will be helpful in reducing fine wrinkles and skin tone.

- Not saturate or plug the pore so you can use skins with acneic trend problems.

Post on the health benefit of Granada.

Tea tree oil

This oil is indicated for acne skins, due to its high content of natural antiseptics.

- To eliminate acne, fungi.

- It is an astringent oil and it is much more effective that can be benzoylo peroxide.

The tea tree

Chamomile oil

We recommend this oil in extremely sensitive skin, such as chamomile.

- It has a high Bluene content, which gives it soothing and effective properties for skin irritation (the German variety, mainly).

- It is highly soothing, it reduces redness, it has anti -inflammatory properties, it is usually recommended during Rosacea treatments.

Rose Mosqueta oil

This oil is ideal when there are skin spots, scars and skin stretch marks.

- Some brands to improve the scars problem, vitamin A and vitamin C are usually added.

- Ideal to protect the skin, improve cell replacement.

- This oil is one of those who have the most regenerating capacity that the flower itself contributes, so it is recommended when there are recent scars problems, stimulate its correct and rapid healing.

- In stretch marks both to avoid them and to treat them.

- It can also be used directly as a tonic.

- Improve the tension of skin tissues.

- Open the skin pores to clean them, control excess fat.

- It has antibacterial properties that protects the skin from infections such as acne.

- In solar burns, it has a refreshing effect and improves its sensitivity.

- Immediate hydration against actions such as cold air, wind, improves the balance of stressed skin.

- It offers anti -aging properties, improves skin elasticity, regeneration of epidermal cells and reduces stretch marks.

Sesame seed oil

This oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine, such as massage oil, heats and detoxifies the body, while nourishing it.

- Ideal in very dry and cracked skin like elbows or heels.

- It is very effective in relieving the irritations and peeling of the skin.

- Solar burns and skin wrinkles.

- Also indicated in sagging.

- High capacity as a sunscreen, since it acts as a UVBEL Natural Filter High Content of Vitamin E gives it great antioxidant capacity and at the same time it is a very stable oil in the face of rooting.

- Skin protector against external aggressions, such as the chlorine of the pools.

- Great detox capacity, since fat -soluble toxins adhere to this what are subsequently eliminated by drag, neutralizes thus toxic.

- High content of linoleic, stearic and palmitic acid.

- This oil has a high fragrance content, so it cannot be used alone, it must also be mixed in other types of oils such as coconut, almonds or others more neutral.

- Adding a few drops of sesame oil in the bathroom, can help hydrate and improve the problem of dry elbows and knees.

- It contains a specific antioxidant of this so -called Sesamol, which is especially effective in front of wrinkles and fine lines.


It is another basic oils, which are used as natural moisturizers, as a base of essential oils, because it is very soft and allows the actions of these other oils.

- This oil is widely used in both medicine and cosmetics.

- Almonds have a high vitamin E and vitamin D, in minerals such as calcium.

- It's highly protective.

- It can be used for fine lines and wrinkles.

- For use as eye contour, avoid dark circles and bag.

- It is widely used in the manufacture of soaps thanks to its softness and neutrality.

- For hair before washing it.

Tahiti monoi oil

This is the coconut oil to which the Tiare flowers have been macerated.

- The people of Polynesia call them sacred oil, this oil used by the Maori tribes, from Polynesia in New Zealand.

- It also has medicinal properties, beauty and religious rituals.

- The terpenic alcohols and the esters of the monoi flowers, give it softening and purifying properties, as well as coconut oil gives the moisturizing properties.

- It can be used in all types of skins, and leaves no fatty residue.

- It is important that the oil that is acquired is of the origin of Polynesia and if possible with organic certificate.

View input on monoi oil.

What is the key to using these oils in a balanced way

The laboratories offer us a multitude of oils, which they call them, miraculous, luxurious, activators ... depending on the combination of the different essential oils or bases that contain.

- If we prefer to use organic origin oils, acquiring them separately.

- The properties of each one have to know a little.

- The most aromatic essential oils, we will distinguish them by their powerful smell, cannot be used in high content or alone in the skin, since these properties can be irritative.

- That is why coconut oil, sweet almonds, olive as the basis of these other essential oils can be used as more commonly.

- The effectiveness of oils is given by the purity of the same.

- Of the extraction method.

- The fundamental storage method at the time it will accelerate rooting.

- The use of pesticides, insecticides and chemicals, can also end up in these oils.

How to use these oils in the treatments routine

Cleaning oils:

Coconut oil, combined with lavender oil.Jojoba oil with lavender and vitamin E for dry skin.

As tonic:

Rose Mosqueta oil.Mint oil combined with coconut oil.

As moisturizer:

Coconut and jojoba oil

As eye contour:

Rose Mosqueta oil.Sesame oil.

As anti -cené treatment:

Tea tree oil.

My recommendations

When we buy a cosmetic oil of both facial, body or capillary treatment, I recommend reading the labels, to know what oils they contain and avoid allergies.

- Also avoid hidden unwanted components, such as silicones or some preservative.

- Preferably use organic origin, which will expressly put it in its labeling.


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