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Defend Chernobyl in an invasion?Some in Ukraine wonder if worthwhile

By hollisterclothingoutlet 05/09/2022 559 Views

Two months ago, the government deployed additional forces in the area, due to the increase in tensions with Russia and Belarus, an ally of the Kremlin whose border is eight kilometers from the wrecked reactor and where Russia has recently displaced troops.

"How is it possible?" Said Ivan Kovalchuk, a Ukrainian firefighter who helped extinguish fire on the plant in the first days after the accident, risking his life with Russians and people from all the former Soviet Union.Said he was outraged by the fact that Russia could militarily threaten the area.

¿Defender Chernóbil en una invasión? algunos en Ucrania se preguntan si vale la pena

"We fight the accident together," Kovalchuk said."To do this to us just make it sad for the people" of Ukraine, he said.

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