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The inaction of the Democrats to extend the tax credit condemns millions of children to poverty

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At the beginning of this new year, working class families face an additional burden - the expiration of tax credit for extended children (CTC in English).The extension provided economic relief to millions of families during the pandemic: paying the annual amount per son of $ 2,000 to between $ 3,000 and $ 3,600;paying the credit in monthly deadlines instead of in a single payment;and extending the complete benefits of credit to families that were not previously eligible for having too low income.

The same day that the extension of the CTC expired, almost 450,000 new cases of COVID were reported - almost twice the cases reported for the same date in 2021— and the weekly average was over 380,000 cases per day.Although the pandemic is in all its peak, the expiration of the CTC is only the last of the COVID protections that have been allowed to expire: the payment protection program ended in March last year;The expanded unemployment benefits ended in September;the federal moratorium anti -skucios expired this summer;And we have not received a payment of economic stimulus from the spring of 2021.

There was an attempt to make the permanent CTC as part of the social program budget proposed by Biden, as expected by those who supported the extension from the beginning.In the six months since it began, the extension has kept almost 4 million children out of poverty, which reduced the cup of child poverty for almost 30% and provided crucial help to millions of families.However, in the same way that they eventually removed or drastically reduced measures that would have provided funds for causes of social benefit of the budget (such as renewable energy, free community university, family permit and due to paid disease, and tax increases to hyper-rums andcorporations), right -wing democrats have blocked the expansion of the CTC.

Joe Manchin is one of those responsible for killing the extension of the CTC, expressing racist and elitist "concerns" about what families would do with money.Recent research has shown that the extension of the CTC has significantly reduced child poverty and food insecurity.Moreover, the same investigations have found that, at a time when the system is not protecting or going to the needs of the working class, the CTC containers used it to buy food, pay the rent and other accounts, pay forChild care, buy clothes, create savings and pay debts.These are all needs that should be provided for everyone, and while the CTC represented only a fraction of the totality of the social support that is needed was, however, an invaluable security source for families throughout the country that has now been taken away from them.

La inacción de los demócratas para extender el crédito tributario condena a millones de niños a la pobreza

Despite controlling the camera, the Senate and the Presidency, again and again the Democrats have failed in their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.Again and again they have captured the right -wing forces within their own party that oppose, or even continue, the most basic social benefit programs.They could use their power and influence to press Manchin, Krysten Sinema and other right -wing democrats that work so clearly and blatantly work to obstruct any legislation that could benefit the working class.On the contrary, Biden and the Democratic Party reduce the laws they propose, remove key elements and gradually dismantle reforms that the working class desperately needs, all in an attempt to find "common land".

By allowing Manchin and others that eliminate the most progressive elements of the budget for the social program, by allowing greed and corporate interests to supplant people's needs and well -being, by allowing the most right -wing elements of the party to control them,Democrats once again disapproved to the same working class who claim to represent.They have been put in a position in which only the most limited reforms can pass.Covid cases are higher than ever, millions of people have become ill, and despite this the Democrats have let the economic relief programs that were already in function expire, and have not managed to implement anything significant instead, leavingTo millions of people at risk of food insecurity, housing instability, serious diseases and more.

The expiration of tax credit for children leaves the failure of the painfully clear Democratic Party.We need a new system, one that prioritizes human needs on corporations profits, and we cannot be hostage to the whims of an individual.

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