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Do you know how much it costs to have a child in Spain?

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The arrival of a new member to the family not only revolutionizes the house but also the savings. And it is that having a child costs money. A lot.

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments for couples. Many of them look forward to the arrival of this new member of the family, a little one who will not only revolutionize the house but also the savings. And it is that having a child costs money. Much more than people imagine. We have asked iAhorro to give us an overview of what a child can cost more or less per year. The most expensive is the first year of life and the first of the children since everything a baby uses costs more than what a child uses and if it is the first, we will have to buy everything. Although there are ways to save, especially in the second-hand market that today is quite well organized on the web and mobile applications.

We can spend around 6,800 euros on the basics alone in the baby's first year of life, although it is true that some things like the stroller, the crib or the clothes are usually given away by family or friends.

From the second year of the baby the expenses begin to be reduced. Some children begin to leave their diapers and eat solid things, so milk consumption is also reduced.

Basic expenses: 6,800 euros

-Diapers: 600 euros.-Clothes and footwear: 1,200 euros.-Nursery: 1,200 euros.-Vaccines: 1,000 euros.-Food: 1,400 euros.-Crib and stroller: 1,400 euros.

Spending on diapers: 600 euros

On average a child can spend between 6 and 8 diapers. The price of a pack of 112 diapers is 20.55 euros, so the unit costs 0.18 euros. If we multiply 0.18 by the diapers that can be spent in a month (8 x30=24) the result is 44.03 euros per month. A year the amount rises to 528 euros.

1,200 euros in clothing and footwear per year

Do you know how much it costs to have a child in Spain?

This figure is broken down as follows: -Shoes (between 18 and 22 euros). - Three pajamas. Each piece costs 18 euros (in total you spend 54 euros). -Four 'bodys'. Each one costs about six euros (in total you spend 24 euros). -Four sets of pants and t-shirt. Each one costs between 20 and 30 euros (in total you spend 100 euros). -Two packs of socks. Each one costs between 4 and 6 euros (in total you spend about 10 euros). -Two hats. Each one costs 6 euros (in total you spend 12 euros)

The baby's nursery: 1,200 euros

What do you do with your child when it's time to go back to work? One option is to leave him with his grandparents or a trusted relative. But this is not always possible. In these cases you have to take him to a nursery. The price varies according to the type of center.

A public kindergarten costs 174 euros per month. Or what is the same: 1,392 euros per year (not counting the 4 months of maternity leave). A private nursery costs 400 euros per month, 3,200 euros per year.

1,000 euros in vaccines

In Spain, most vaccines are financed by social security, however there are some, specifically three, that are not. The fear that children may get sick (and die in the case of meningitis)) is much stronger than the money they cost. These are.

-Prevenar 13, an effective vaccine against pneumococcus. The baby must be given 4 doses. Each one costs 75 euros, so the expense is 300 euros per year.

-RotaTeq, an effective vaccine against rotavirus, a virus that causes acute gastroenteritis. Three doses should be given by mouth during the first 6 months of life. The price of each unit is 80 euros, so you will have to spend 210 euros per year. But there are more expenses.

- Meningitis B or Bexsero. This vaccine costs €106.15 and the vaccination regimen begins at 2 months, requiring 4 doses (from 6 months there are 3 doses and from 2 years, two doses). Based on the price, the total cost of the immunization treatment with the Bexsero vaccine amounts to €424.6.

Food 1,400 euros per year

Feeding your baby is another big expense you will have to deal with. Here you can save a lot of money thanks to breastfeeding.

A newborn eats every 3 hours, and these packs run out every 4-5 days. This means that you have to buy 6 packages of breast milk per month, which means an expense of 120 euros per month (1,440 euros per year). From 5 months of life you should introduce new products into your baby's diet: jars, porridge, etc. These products represent another expense of about 130 euros per month. If you breastfeed, the cost of food during the first six months will be 0 euros. And if you continue until the year, even if he already takes solids, breast milk will continue to be his main food. Of course it is to think about it.

Crib and stroller about 1,400 euros

When choosing the cart you may find yourself in a big dilemma. There are many brands and models that make prices cheaper or more expensive. Among the cheapest we can find a 'three parts' for about 500 or 600 euros. The average is usually between 1,000 and 1,200 euros.

You can find the crib between 50 and 500 euros. Let's say that the average is around 200 euros.

Of course the school is not included here. If you decide the arranged one, it will be an average of 1500-2000 euros per year. While if you opt for the private one, the annual cost could range from 6,000 to 12,000 euros per child depending on the center.

Nor are extracurricular activities or extras such as birthday parties to which they are invited, trips, and various recreational activities included in this calculation. Nor have we calculated the money invested over the years and which, taking into account the emancipation age of the children, amounts to about 25 years. Nor, of course, high school or university expenses, both public and private.

Having a child is not only a joy, it is also an expense and, why not say it, a huge contribution to the economy of a country.

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