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Greater exports, the challenge of the clothing sector

By hollisterclothingoutlet 17/12/2022 678 Views

The clothing industry in Norte de Santander is clear about its main objective for this 2021: strengthening exports to achieve new markets that, in the near future, position regional brands and stores at national and international level.

According to Ketty Lagado, director of the fashion industrial corporation of Norte de Santander (Corpomoda), they project to comply with the materialization of this flag project through participation in fashion fairs, which are the ideal spaces to make themselves known, position brands and get wholesale and detail customers.

They are of special interest to the sector international clients to the detail, due to the strong conglomerate of stores that are handled in each of the leading countries and cities in fashion where products of regional companies already have a presence.

Mayores exportaciones, el reto del sector de la confección

“It is a totally different format than what we know at the national level, with a different payment methodology, but that helps the local entrepreneur to grow more.This is why it is important to strengthen ourselves with more national and international clients, and keep the doors that we leave open on the road trave

Maquila center

El otro gran proyecto del gremio para el presente año es la conformación del Maquila center, un escenario de confección que ayudaría a empresarios locales a perfeccionar la calidad de su producción.

“Improve innovation in products, use fabrics that allow to contribute to a sustainable environment and constitute the DNA of each of the brands to speak as an international region.That is the approach we want to visualize, ”said Laguado.

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