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How much does a child have since it was born to the age of majority?

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By law, in Mexico parents are obliged to support their children from birth until they turn 21; or, until they finish their university studies. This has caused many people to wonder how much it costs to have a child.

Beyond prenatal expenses such as gynecological check-ups, studies and consumption of vitamin supplements; as well as the specific cost of childbirth, having a child represents an outlay that lasts much longer.

Once a baby is born, it requires special care, clothing, food (from the sixth month) and, of course, diapers. This last item is the one that represents the greatest expense. Namely, it is estimated that parents spend, on average, almost 7 thousand pesos on the diapers that a baby uses in its first 12 months.

Spending on diapers is one of the most representative after birth | Photo: Unsplash

How much does it cost to have a child since birth to the age of majority?

Now this is just the cost of the diapers for the baby's first year. Then new expenses appear as the children grow: school supplies, new size clothes, money for recreational activities, etc.

According to Tec de Monterrey's Financial Administration Department, from birth to 18 years of age, families spend the following amounts:

Then other expenses appear when the children grow up | Photo: Unsplash

These are the central items, but other issues should be added and, of course, the missing 3 years of support, since the Tec's research covers a period of 18 years.

Thus, in these three main axes, the sum can reach up to 6 million 790 thousand pesos. Did you imagine such a high amount? We read you in the comments.

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