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How to differentiate my entrepreneurship from others that offer the same?- Third

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Quiero iniciar un emprendimiento, ya sea de ropa o zapatillas: ¿cómo puedo llamar más la atención respecto de otros negocios que ofrecen lo mismo?, preguntó Benjamín a Diario de un emprendedor el 29 de octubre.¿Cómo diferenciar mi emprendimiento de otros que ofrecen lo mismo? - La Tercera ¿Cómo diferenciar mi emprendimiento de otros que ofrecen lo mismo? - La Tercera

Finding how our entrepreneurship differs from others from the same item is a job that requires time and observation;a process that goes hand in hand with the knowledge that we are acquiring from the business over the years.

There are certain base definitions that help us to know where this differentiation should go: are we going to sell by e-commerce or will we have a physical store?If I want to sell shoes, will I have models for all ages or will I specialize in women, or in men, or in children?Or will I have only certain brands?Or will I sell collection or vintage designs for a specific niche?

If sales are online, we will need a good advertising plan.If we have a store, we must analyze whether it is located in an adequate place, if the people who travel around will be our audience, if there are competition around, if it is a place with wave or one Fome, and starting from that establish action plans.

Once we have both variables under analysis, the rest of the differentiating factors will be unveiled with the running of the months.Keeping this into consideration is very important, since one can leave with certain ideas, but these can change as one knows their audience.

It happened to me, for example, with Redalmacén, my entrepreneurship that helps stores to get into the car of digitalization.When I started, I was sure that my product could literally serve any Chilean warehouse: who would not want to have tools that would facilitate the work?However, over time I realized that there were several barriers that made my service make it massive.One of them was the economy: not all warehouses could invest in a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.Another barrier was social: not everyone is interested in technology, nor does it find value with respect to their business.

¿Cómo diferenciar mi emprendimiento de otros que ofrecen lo mismo? - La Tercera

Suppose Benjamin choose to sell shoes: perhaps the models that offer are not of interest to the buyers to which he is pointing out.One believes that certain designs may like, for example, men between the ages of 20 and 30, but we know that two people of the same age and the same gender can have very different tastes.

How do I do it, then, to get attention?

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It all depends on multiple variables, but let's look at an example: two stores sell the same kilo of rice with 100 pesos difference.The one that is closest to my house is the most expensive.To get to the other place I need to walk ten more minutes.Which one do I stay with?Probably with the most expensive, but the closest.Another example: Starbucks, which sells you a glass of coffee at a very high price, but in return it offers you a pleasant place to work.You have to identify: my customers are looking for the cheapest or looking for closeness, or something that gives them emotional compensation or a good service?

This is indispensable, regardless of what you sell.There are people who say: "I can sell stones", but how does theirs different from other stones?Will I be the brand of my company;Will it be a logo, a character?

In the case of my warehouse, the Vichito, we differentiate ourselves from other close places in a very important point: we open and close every day at the same time;Our clients know that they can trust that they will find us open when they need us.We also have certain services that do not have other premises, such as BIP load!or telephone recharges.In addition, we do several competitions, in the premises and by social networks.

The nearby warehouses sell the same drinks and the same ice cream.But this year I brought donuts: incredibly, they made sales of the entire warehouse upload, because people from other neighborhoods arrived, who usually did not buy me.There are products that make people move to buy them.

The question that should always move is: what are we doing to "make difference"?Or are we just waiting for people to arrive?

At this point, if Benjamin opens a virtual store to sell shoes, you can't wait just sell on the web.You can open a sales channel by WhatsApp;You can offer, on that same route, personalized attention in which you can explain to customers that no one but he knows the shoes you are selling better.If you decide to delegate that job to someone, you must prepare it in such a way to become an expert in the product.

Treat customers by name.Greet and set off.If they are very collapsed with sales, make them feel that they are important.The best example is the fair, where there is a brutal competition of dozens of positions that sell the same and at similar prices.What does a homemade or homemade?He never neglects the clientele that awaits him, he tells him: Esmereme for me a little while, I already attend it (which means: "I am aware of you, don't go").

In summary: we must show that we are passionate about what we do, and that we do not do it just for earning money.When starting a business, many canvas and many SWOT analysis, but only the knowledge of the field, dominating the difficulties, doing tests, rehearsal and error, will make us find the desired differentiation.


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