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How to remove pacifiers quickly and easily

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Tricks to eliminate a pacifier

How to do... ?

If you don't know how to remove pacifiers, discover the best tricks and remedies that exist to eliminate them effectively and in record time.

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Ada Funes

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the word "Chupetón" means "action and effect of sucking strongly."Chupetones in the neck are marks that attest a moment of passion, but, to most people, they do not like to be seen.Although it is harmless to health, its appearance can be shameful for many, so we show you some effective remedies to remove pacifiers.

These marks appear due to a very strong suction on the skin.In general, its coloration is usually very intense violet, but they can also be more reddish.When they are milder or after a few days, they will become greenish or yellowish.Discover the best remedies to remove pacifiers.We start!

How to eliminate pacifiers?

It is true that chupetones disappear on their own, but there are ways to eliminate them quickly.After a few weeks, it will decrease until they leave, but, because the most frequent are in the neck and is a very visible area, people want to accelerate the process.

It is nothing comfortable to ask someone how to remove pacifiers, so don't worry, we show you below some effective tips and remedies to get rid of them.

1. A massage

Massage the pacifier area helps accelerate the healing process.You can do it using two fingers and a little baby oil or sweet almonds.Do it exercising smoothly and in a single direction.

After a few minutes, change the meaning of massage, you will see how it helps distribute accumulated blood and its color is slowly decreasing.You can do it several times a day.

2. Ice

Cómo quitar chupetones de forma rápida y sencilla

Another of the tricks to remove more effective pacifiers is ice.Its application makes blood vessels contract and, therefore, bleeding stops.Therefore, using ice helps the pacifier disappear faster.So that it does not cause you discomfort or burns, wrap the ice cubes in a cloth before applying on the area.

3. Alcohol

This product also helps eliminate pacifiers in the neck.However, so that it works optimally, it must be applied immediately after it appears.

Wet a cotton with alcohol and apply it on the pacifier with a circular massage in one direction for several minutes.Then, massage to the other side, it will fade until almost unnoticed.

4. Vitamin K.

Another of the remedies to remove pacifiers is vitamin K, because it helps coagulation.Therefore, it is also a good idea to consume foods rich in this vitamin, such as broccoli, spinach, chard, parsley or lettuce.Thus, the clots will be absorbed and the pacifier will disappear faster.

5. Apply heat

Heat will help you make pacifiers in the neck disappear because it will help the blood circulate.It is as simple as wetting a gauze in hot water and applying it on the pacifier doing some pressure to help lower the coloration.You can repeat several times a day until the pacifier disappears.

6. Arnica

An arnica ointment is one of the tricks to remove more efficient pacifiers.Actually, it is used to cure bruises, but a pacifier is very similar to a bruise, so arnica works wonderfully.Apply the ointment with a soft massage with your fingers, it will be of great help for the pacifier to disappear quickly.

Arnica gel

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7. Antihemorroidal cream

Although it seems strange, the products to relieve hemorrhoids are another of the remedies to remove perfect pacifiers because they accelerate their disappearance.These creams are anti -inflammatory, so it is enough to apply a little with a soft massage to help the coloration reduce.

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8. Dental brush and paste

Massage with pasta and brush will contribute to eliminate pacifiers in the neck.On the one hand, the soft bristles of the toothbrush help massage the area and allow the blood to flow and absorb the clots so that the new blood circulates.

On the other hand, a toothpaste with mint will cause the blood vessels to dilate when stimulated by the effect of mentol.This will flow the blood and disappear the pacifier faster.

9. Mint tea

Another of the tricks to remove pacifiers is a mint tea bag.This remedy is to place the tea bag in hot water and then place it on the pacifier care not to burn you.

When it cools, put the wet tea bag to the freezer.Thus, you can alternate cold and heat on the pacifier to help the blood flow better.Remember, it is important that tea is mint to help deflate and stimulate blood circulation.

How to cover pacifiers

If the above methods are not effective, either because your skin is sensitive or because your partner has been especially passionate, calm, since there are ways to cover the pacifiers.If the pacifier is not very evident, it is in an area where your acquaintances do not usually look (for example, the back of the neck, near the neck or behind the ear) and do not usually wear makeup, it is best not to cover it, but to divert attention and, as a good illusionist, give them something else to look at.Sometimes a funny shirt, or a good neckline, or pants that makes you an ass of scandal (be man or female) can attract both the looks that you could wear a Hulk mask and those around you or notice it.

Other times, on the other hand, it is necessary to be more expeditious, and that is why we present several tricks to cover pacifiers:

1. Makeup

If you have tried all the remedies to remove previous pacifiers but you must go to work and it has not yet been disguised, the most effective way to cover pacifiers in the neck is to make up.This will not accelerate the healing process, but it is a quick way to hide it.Just use your skin tone makeup in that area.

Do it naturally not to get too much attention.Apply a thin layer and then add another layer on top until the pacifier is noticed.Then, apply powder makeup to seal it and that is not removed with the rubbing of clothes.

2. High neck or handkerchief

Finally, whenever it is not summer, you can turn to a scarf, a handkerchief or a high neck sweater.In this way, you will not make the pacifiers disappear in the neck, but at least you will hide them during the work.There are even high neck and short sleeve t -shirts in case the temperatures are high.

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