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Inclusive toys: Isolated cases to world tendency - General Information Inclusive toys: Isolated cases to world tendency

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What was initially the initiative of small businesses and entities linked to fighting for equality and eliminating barriers, today it seems a trend that, apart from beauty stereotypes that prevail in the market, grows and expands the variety of toysInclusive.And what until not long ago seemed a rarity or curiosity, now it is frequent and translates into dolls with the typical features of children with Down syndrome, dolls that help learn Braille, wheelhaws in wheelchairs or even a classic BarbieWith curves like any normal woman, recreational options to break prejudices and pursue a clear objective: match and teach but still play.

The case of the Argentine company "Casita de dolls" is an example: this year they presented the first baby doll with trisomy 21 and thus achieved, with a doll called OLI, familiarize the children with the creatures that have the characteristic features of the syndrome of the syndromeof Down.

"For us the concept of diversity is very important," says Federico Galanterini,, since we believe he expands the children's game capacity;The objective is to help all boys learn about the differences that exist between all people, and naturalize it ”.

The businessman said that the idea of the new doll emerged from an anecdote that an acquaintance narrated."A person told us that he asked a girl with Down syndrome if he liked the dolls," he said, "but the girl replied no, because there were no ones like her.When we listened to that, we put chicken skin, and we felt that we had to do something to help this baby and other children that are surely going through the same thing ”.

"There were important advances, but there is still a lot of work to do for the boys."

Juguetes inclusivos: de casos aislados a tendencia mundial - Información General Juguetes inclusivos: de casos aislados a tendencia mundial

The trend is not just a national issue.In the rest of the world, the big brands like Mattel and Hasbro have been tune in with the new times and already launched a Barbie with measures well above the ideal of 90-60-90, a “American girl” doll with accessories such as a kit fromdiabetes and crutches and, in the case of the Danish company, to a lego from a wheelchair boy.

The fashion of inclusive toys began a few years ago promoted by parents who did not see enough diversity in toy stores but now, shortly after Children's Day in our country arrives, it seems to be an increasingly consolidated trend in local toys.

"It is essential that the boys entertain and learn with toys that do not perpetuate stereotypes about what is considered beautiful," says Psychopedagogue María Estela Langiosa, for whom dolls and soldiers "are not minor details in childhood.On the contrary: you have to keep in mind that the objects with which the children play from their first childhood leave lasting impressions about their careers and their trust ”.

For the specialist, with the arrival of inclusive toys to the industry “there were important advances in recent years, but there is still a lotA chubby Barbie, so are exceptions confirming a rule.And we have to point to that rule of perfection and idealism cease to be drawn when we talk about toys for the boys.They have to recognize themselves in the toys and objects with which they interact ".

More and more, the inclusiveness in the toys section has meant the arrival of dolls with disabilities or characters that, such as Barbie, no longer respect the ideals of perfection imposed by the market.Toys R Us, for example of a worldwide firm worldwide, has an exclusive line for a few years called "Journey Girls", which has a set of crutches and wheelchair for its characters.

And while LEGO already had larger figures that used wheelchairs, the minifigure presented recently is part of the “Fun in the Park” lot, mixed with several figures without apparent physical difficulties."The designers thought about what any baby could see in their city's park," said Lego spokesman Michael McNally.Lego minifigures were yellow so that children could imagine their own identity for the characters."We have always tried to help children find themselves," said McNally.

For construction toys, the Goldiblox company, founded in 2012, was among the first ones that generated a break in the market by offering construction lots aimed at girls.But he also realized that he needed more racial diversity, and not long ago he presented a black character named Ruby Rails.

Many experts are closely following the changes in Mattel, especially in their emblematic Barbie, whose business rebounded in the middle of a change of image after suffering a downturn in their sales.The largest toy manufacturer in the United States launched the Barbie Fashionista line, which offers more skin tones, eye colors and facial features.And three body types: with curves, small and tall.That is: almost as anyone.

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