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Nissan Qashqai DIG-T 158 HP: much more than an attractive SUV

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Hay una especie de flechazo cuando aparcas el coche y, después de andados unos metros, te vuelves a mirarlo. Simplemente por tenerlo un momento más en tu retina... Eso es lo que nos ha pasado una y otra vez con el nuevo Nissan Qashqai; es más grande (ha crecido 3,5 cm en longitud, 3,2 en anchura, 2,5 en altura y 2,0 entre ejes) y tiene un aspecto más 'sólido', pero son las formas que ha creado el equipo de Nissan Design Europe (están en Reino Unido) las que nos hacen seguir un momento más contemplándolo antes de abandonar el garaje.Nissan Qashqai DIG-T 158 CV: mucho más que un SUV atractivo Nissan Qashqai DIG-T 158 CV: mucho más que un SUV atractivo

It is an instant in which our eyes walk through the hood in the form of a shell, through the fine daytime lights on the thin Full Led optics, through the ascending waist line, on the strange but very attractive pillar c ...Let's look where we look at it more than his predecessor, which was not precisely the 'ugly duckling' of his segment.

But we do not stay in its 'visiting card', exhibited in a body of 4,425 m long.The new Nissan SUV has experienced a revolution that has its starting point on the CMF-C platform of the Renault-Nissan alliance, prepared for electrified vehicles.Because to a greater or lesser extent all new Qashqai are, although in our case it is a 12V version whose electric motor only feeds the electronic systems of the car and provides a little more torque.

It is true that this electrical vitamin supplement is an additional weight of 22 kg to the car, but the body uses a rear (electric opening) of composite material and doors, front fins and aluminum hood.And since all this causes a reduction of 21 kg with respect to whether they had these sheets of sheet, it can be said that 'we are at peace'.

'Vegan' leather

Accommodated in a armchair that in our case presumed with leather upholstery (vegan) and three different types of massage, each with regulation in speed and intensity (that of the co -pilot too, of course), we discovered a colorful and very practical dashboard.It has details that are very much appreciated, such as the 9 "screen of the infotainment system is placed at a good height, and it has not been wanted to force the driver to waste more time of the necessary navigating menus and submenus to handle some of their functions.

Eco, normal and sport driving modes, for example, are selected by a small physical command located after the gear lever.Also the air conditioning functions are handled without screens, and there is the presence of real buttons for functions such as vary), Regulate the light intensity of the watch box or vary the safety distance that we want to keep with respect to the preceding vehicle, the latter, through the steering wheel.

Nissan Qashqai DIG-T 158 CV: mucho más que un SUV atractivo

The 12.3 "watches picture allows usgo the map), and another more avant -garde that leaves in the center more space, which comes very well if you want to follow here the indications of the map.

In our case we felt that we had all the necessary information by including the consumption from the last reset, letting the computer data from the clockwork be seen in the center of the computer box since we put the car running (elapsed time, kilometers,Medium and average speed) and leaving navigation on the infotainment screen.But there is also a third screen, in this case projected by means of a 10.8 "(very large) head display and in which we can also regulate the light through buttons, in this case of the steering wheel.

Pro-Pilot, for more security

The classic switch that activates speed control does not exist (there is one for the limiter).Instead we find in the steering wheel the Blue Pro-Pilot symbol, which in addition to maintaining the indicated speed adapting to the rest of the vehicles keeps the car in the lane intervening in the direction and brakes, watches the car environment to minimize the risk of accidentsAnd adapt the speed if we are going to enter too quickly into a curve.

And that because our unit equips manual change, because if it were automatic, it could also adapt to the speed limits (with the manual, a projection in the head-up display suggests that you modify it), completely stop the car and returnto start the march alone.

As for the rear seats, there are three fundamental advantages.The first is that the doors open almost 90 degrees, which comes very well if we have to sit in the armchairs to babies or should enter and leave our elders.The second, that the front headrests are narrow and the visibility from here back to the road is better than usual.And the third, that one can occupy the central square without feeling that it has been 'punished', because the support once up is soft and comfortable of the common.

To this we must add that the space for the knees is very good and the width is not at all negligible, although the sidewalk lacks longitudinal regulation and the support cannot be regulated in inclination.Even so, as an option for a family of five members the Qashqai wins here behind 'many points'.Family, by the way, that a 504 -liter trunk must be distributed including double bottom;A good figure, without a doubt, is not the greatest of its segment.

158 hp and 270 nm

The engine is known 1.3 Turbo of gasoline, with 158 hp and 270 nm torque, which in Nissan say they have checked to be a little more 'clean' (145 g/km and carries the ECO label of the DGT).It is a four -cylinder engine with a very silent slowdown and which is very difficult to perceive vibrations, which moves the Japanese model very gently and does not detract at all when we step on looking for an overtaking.

Specifically, it reaches 206 km/h and passes from 0 to 100 in 9.5 seconds, which are figures that demonstrate the potential of the car in order to show the logical nerve and necessary even when we travel with the car to full load.And a consumption that to us is also satisfactory, after more than 600 km with a high percentage on the road, it has remained at an average of 5.4 l/100 km.

When driving it, and put to get a small 'but', we would only like the gear lever to be a little smaller for their routes to feel shorter.And, this is already a matter of taste, some drivers would even prefer that his touch was just a less soft little, to gain sensation of sportsmanship in his hand.

In its two motor version, the Qashqai shows rather light and agile, to be a medium -sized SUV.It does not lead to a balancing accused of the body and the 235/45 R20One generation to another has been a 'put in shape' contributes a precise direction and brakes with a pleasant touch that facilitates dosage.

For the rest, our test version comes with Tekna+finish, which includes the aforementioned 20 "tires, a huge panoramic roof without the possibility of opening, Bose sound equipment with 10 speakers, electrical regulation for seats with massage, seven airbags (Including one among the front seats so that pilot and co -pilot do not collide with each other in the case of an accident), etc., etc. All this for 34,925 euros, although there is a Qashqai with the same engine for 32,175 euros.

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