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Selena Quintanilla boutiques, do you still exist?;Discover the details of your clothing stores

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Selena Quintanilla's boutiques were a dream come true for the singer, who had plans to open a clothing store in Mexico

Heraldo de México



More than 20 years have passed since the singer Selena Quintanilla was killed, but her fame continues and keeps her as one of the most remembered celebrities.After the Tex-Mex Queen Series was released in Netflix, some doubts have emerged about what happened to their boutiques and if there are still these clothing stores.

For fans and followers of the singer, who died at 23 years on March 31, 1995, it is nothing new that Quintanilla had a huge taste for fashion and style, getting to impose her image among the youth of the time, and part of the reason why she decided to launch as a businesswoman with some boutiques.

Selena etc..It was the name that the interpreter chose for its boutique chain, which had a beauty salon.The first was inaugurated in 1994 in Texas, United States, then expanded until three branches, in Corpus Christi, San Antonio and Houston;He had plans to bring his franchise to Mexico.

What happened to Selena's boutiques

Boutiques de Selena Quintanilla, ¿todavía existen?; descubre los detalles de sus tiendas de ropa

After the death of the singer, the family decided to continue with Selena's dream and kept the boutiques open for a while, but the first to close was that of San Antonio in 1999, four years after her murder.While the Corpus Christi store remains open until 2009.

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The economic crisis that affected the United States in 2009 caused his family to definitely close their clothing stores, a decision they secured hurt them a lot, because they knew how important they were for the late Tex-Mex queen.

However, fortunately from your followers, you can still get some garments designed by Quintanilla through the official website, where you are for sale t -shirts, jackets, accessories, posters and much more.The clothes of his shows remain in the Selena Museum, managed by his sister Suzette Quintanilla.



Selena Quintanilla ropa de famosos Moda y estilo

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