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"Tapatón 2021" kicks off in Ixtapaluca to support children with cancer

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Starting this Friday, October 15, and until December 5, "caps" can be donated in the municipality of Ixtapaluca, to help children with cancer, as part of the "Tapatón 2021" campaign promoted by local authorities and the civil association Banco de Tapitas.

The project intends to gather more than a ton and a half of caps that will help guarantee medicines for chemotherapy treatments for minors.

Daniela Cabrera, vice president of Banco de Tapitas, explained the association houses 500 children and adolescents with cancer, and although in this town the slogan is promoted by Aldo Mateo, a boy who suffers from leukemia, the caps collected will be to support all children with the condition.

The organization Banco de Capitas and Ixtapaluca authorities launched a campaign to collect plastic caps for the benefit of cancer patients.

The cause is for Aldo Mateo

Tapatón 2021

It is estimated that every year 18 million are diagnosed with cancer in the world, of this total 200 thousand people are children and adolescents.

Aldo Mateo is one of them, the little inhabitant of Ixtapaluca, he is only five years old and since he was four he has been diagnosed with leukemia.

The "Tapatón 2021" bears his name because he will be one of the more than 500 beneficiaries, which is why he and his family called on the inhabitants of this and other municipalities to donate caps to achieve or even exceed the goal, which allows him to win the fight against cancer.

"We are very grateful, I never imagined that my son's name would be in this campaign, so we ask you to support us, because his name is here but behind him there are many more children who need it.

"A very ugly disease, of uncertainty because one day he can be well and the next bad, one day at home and the other in the hospital, he receives chemotherapy every Monday and is very painful to see my child like this," said his mother Ernestina.

Where to donate "caps"

María del Rosario, director of the municipal DIF, informed that the collection centers will be located in the municipal esplanade, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit, Los Héroes headquarters, and CRIS Ixtapaluca in Santa Barbara Geovillas.

In the storage modules, residents can donate water bottle caps, cleaning products, jars, dairy products and fabric softeners from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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