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The best games of 2021 - AnaitGames

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Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye

It had to be. Echoes of the Eye is an expansion to the Mobius Digital game, Outer Wilds, which collects and transmutes the baton of the genius of its base (which, in my opinion, is none other than communicating a universe in constant change and movement). . In the improbable extension of this cosmos, not only are the rules that we already understood applied, but they are added, and this time without any language except the visual one. Light and dark become our new language.

Adding to such a perfect title was difficult. Changing the rules of your own game, and still making sense requires a cosmic understanding that is difficult for mortals to understand. Echoes of the Eye manages to trap again in the nets of the invisible.

Best Games of 2021 - AnaitGames

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