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The best shampoos and treatments to remove lice

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Going back to school is one of the most exciting and challenging times of the year for many children around the world because of all that it means for them.

New classrooms, seeing classmates again, studying new subjects, facing the first exams... As these things, by themselves, are already important enough, we don't need them to have unnecessary worries like annoying lice.

Precisely because of the return to contact between friends and classmates, this is the time when we must be more alert and try to prevent rather than be forced to cure. We are of course talking about using specific products periodically to prevent the little ones from catching them or to eliminate the lice as quickly as possible once we have just detected them.

To get down to work and try to avoid unnecessary frights, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have selected some of the best shampoos and treatments for our children. You will also find in this selection some ideal antiparasitic combs to improve these care routines.


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Pack of ZZ anti-lice shampoo and lotion + cap and special comb

The perfect kit to eliminate both lice and nits is this one from the ZZ brand, which includes both a shampoo and a lotion. In addition, it also includes a nit comb and 2 caps to let the products act.

Although most drugstore products have only 1% permethrin, the ingredient that best eliminates lice, this shampoo contains 1.5%, which makes it more effective. According to many consumers on Amazon, a single use is enough to leave hair clean and remove even the most resistant nits.

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Treatment spray gel to eliminate lice and nits in 1 minute of Neositrin

A convenient spray format to eliminate lice in a very short time is this one from Neositrin, which acts quickly and effectively in just one minute in a single application.

This model is formulated with 4% Dimethicone and also contains Penetrol, capable of accelerating the expansion of dimethicone and killing not only the louse, but 100% of the nits. Then you just have to remove them with a nit comb.

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The best thing is that, despite its effectiveness, it does not contain insecticides, making it a very safe product with good tolerability for children. It can be used in children from 12 months of age and in adults.

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Shampoo to eliminate lice and nits in 5 minutes without Paranix insecticides

Formulated with mineral oil, this anti-lice treatment contains no insecticides, has a pleasant scent and is suitable for adults and children over 2 years of age.

Its double action formula not only suffocates but also dehydrates lice and nits in just 5 minutes. To use it will be as easy as washing your hair with it.

Developed without insecticides, so that lice do not create resistance, this product comes in a 200 ml bottle and is accompanied by a nit comb to remove lice and nits.

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Anti-lice kit with lotion, post-treatment shampoo and nit box by Full Marks

Another of the most popular brands for this type of product is Full Marks, which offers a savings pack with lotion to eliminate both lice and nits and shampoo for after treatment. In addition, it is accompanied by a lentrera.

According to manufacturer tests, the formula is 100% effective against lice and nits. In addition, it does not contain pesticides or give off unpleasant odours, so it does not damage the scalp or create resistance.

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OTC 2-Minute Lice & Nit Spray + Hat & Nit Box

This anti-lice and nits treatment in spray format guarantees 100% lice mortality in just 2 minutes with a single application.

By having an insecticide-free formula, this product is also suitable for children with more sensitive skin and even atopic skin.

This treatment, which is also accompanied by a cap to better concentrate the action of the product during the two minutes that you have to let it act and a nit comb to remove dead lice and nits, is recommended for adults and children from 1 year old. .

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Metal nit comb with grooves on the spikes, magnifying glass and round tips

A very comfortable nit box that we can use in addition to any of these treatments is the Zoom model.

This metal comb has teeth close enough together to catch both lice and nits. In addition, the grooves that each of the spikes have will help prevent any of them from sticking. Having rounded tips will not hurt the scalp.

Also very comfortable is the magnifying glass that it has in the center of the metal body, which will allow us to see more closely everything that we believe may be a louse or nit and certify us.

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Neositrin Lice Repellent Leave-In Conditioning Spray

If what we want is to prevent and prevent our children from catching lice at school, we also have the option of applying a leave-in conditioner in the form of a spray to repel them.

With a pleasant aroma of orange and mango, far removed from the usual in this type of product, this spray conditions the hair in depth, providing softness and allowing easy detangling.

By containing Activdiol, this product dehydrates and eliminates the lice that may come into contact with the scalp, preventing the appearance of nits and the proliferation of the plague. It is recommended for children from 12 months of age and for adults.

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Preventive anti-lice shampoo for children with Tea Tree Oil

So that children are protected all year round and try to minimize the risk of catching lice at school, one of the most used natural ingredients is tea tree oil.

This junior preventative shampoo has a triple antiseptic effect, as it acts against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The anti-lice effect occurs because this ingredient creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of lice, since it has anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing properties.

The formula, without parabens, can be used in children from 3 years old. We can apply it two or three times a week to maintain the repellent action of lice.

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Children's lice prevention shampoo with Tahe Tea Tree Oil

Finally, another preventive shampoo with the same ingredient to prevent lice is this one from the Tahe brand, which has been specially formulated with children's hair in mind and has mild, emollient and respectful active ingredients, both with the skin and with the hair.

In addition to its anti-lice action, this product has properties to completely undo tangles in the hair instantly, reduce split ends and lack of shine and hydration.

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* Prices updated as of September 15, 2021

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