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Toy animals and board games, the most desired gifts by children for this Christmas

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Other families prefer to wait because "you still have to save a little more and children change their minds every day, with so much variety," says a client of one of the toys that came to compare to compare.Several toy stores claim that there is always a tendency to leave purchases for the last day but that it is now less appreciable because much of the families opt for the online option, «although most prefer to collect the order in store so that the little ones do notVena arrive the gifts, ”says Mari Carmen Ramírez, a toy..

An average of 200 euros in toys

On average, Cordoba families spend almost 200 euros in children's toys, according to the toy store previously named.A money that is usually invested in several toys."Even if they are going to spend the same, they prefer to buy 10 small gifts than a large one, because it occupies more space under the tree," said Ramírez.In Carrefour, parents usually spend an average of between 40 or 50 euros per toy."Normally the offers we have are with a minimum expenditure of 50 euros and are usually guided by that," adds Daniel Santaella, the coordinator of Carrefour La Sierra.

As for the most demanded toys, the great novelty for the little ones is My Little Pig, an interactive pig that is exhausted on most surfaces.According to sellers, their success is due to television ads.A similar toy, although in the form of a Koala, has also become very popular among the little ones during this Christmas campaign.However, "the toy par excellence remains the board game," according to Santaella.The "lifelong" are still requested, since "they are very recurring and an insured success.The classic game of sinking the fleet is never missing, and this year they are breaking the classics Parkís and Bingo, ”says the playful worker.The owner of a local business emphasizes that with the pandemic the sale of this type of hobbies has increased."We leave less and it seems that you want more to spend a family game time".

Animales de juguete y juegos de mesa, los regalos más deseados por los niños para estas navidades

The little ones exhaust 'My Little Pig' in several physical and online toys.CORDOVA

The traditional super heroes, cocinitas, playmobil, lego or construction games continue among the first options, as are the dolls, among which the barbies, the frog babies and, above all, the babies Reborn of firms such as Antonio Juan.The latter are also becoming very fashionable in the artisanal field and there are more and more Cordoba who are dedicated to doing them and selling them.Another novelty is the Rainbow, some "Bratz" dolls, as Ramírez defines them, which also attract the attention of the almost teenagers, for their style, more current and modern.

The characters from the previous decade break into this generation again, as is the case with Pokemon.Many children have exhausted articles related to this character in playful.When it comes to children's series characters not only toys are exhausted, also all kinds of items such as backpacks, cases or even clothing and accessories.Some of the most popular themes are Frozen, the canine patrol or nerf.

Although there are more and more campaigns diversifying the type of toys, there are still gender roles when choosing them and teachers continue to see the same trend when choosing the object.Along these lines, the pedagogue Mari Carmen Gómez points out that “the main thing is that from home the parents understand and try to instill their children that games and toys have no gender and that if a child wishes a toy or another can and shouldplay with him, regardless of the gender roles that they represent ».Although the important thing is the tastes, "the ideal would be to give toys and games that do not represent these roles," Gomez suggests.


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